PCB Manufacturing is focusing on small to medium volume orders, Very competitive price for the volume from 1 -100 square meters for you. 

And you can give OurPCB 4 kinds of files format (Gerber, .pcb, .pcbdoc or .cam file format) for your PCB Prototype Manufacturing.

To perform complete DRC checks of all Client files and inform you immediately if we find any problem.

We then will work with you to correct the files, so they are suitable for manufacturing.
Please check our capability overview below for reference.

Please contact us if you have a special requirement not listed in the following table.

We have our branch in Australia. If you are an Australian customer, you can click on this website.

PCB Capability
Layer Counts
1-32 layers
Lead Time
Normal: 5-6 Days
Expedited: 24-48Hours
FR4, High TG FR4,Halogen Free material,CEM-3, Rogers HF material, etc.
Finished Copper Thickness
0.5-6 OZ
Finished Board Thickness
Min. Line/Track Width&Space
ISO14001:2015, ISO9001:2015, Certified
IATF16949: 2016,Certified
On-Across Blindried Vias, Characteristic Impedance Control, Rigid-flex Board etc.
Solder Mask Color
green, black, blue, white, red, yellow, and matt, etc.
Legend/Silkscreen Color
white, yellow, black, etc.
Surface Treatment
HAL, Lead Free HAL, Immersion gold, OSP, Immersion tin, Immersion silver, etc.
Wrap and Twist
Other Technology
Gold finger, peelable mask, Non-across blind-buried vias, characteristic impedance control, Rigid-flex board etc.

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