OURPCB owns a professional cable assembly company: Cloom Tech.

Offers a wide range of quality cable assembly, custom wire harnesses, and custom hybrid cables to meet the needs of today’s industrial equipment.

Our custom cable assembly solutions are manufactured to fulfill your unique application requirements from a single source.

Cloom is familiar with your cable assembly applications as a skilled custom industrial cable assembly manufacturer. Considering all of the variables, Cloom can help design your custom cable solution.
We retrofit existing cables with robust connectors, shielding, and carriers to improve the cable and connector lifespan for harsh environments.

Cloom is a cutting-edge company that ensures all teams are in touch throughout manufacturing. They have access to trusted suppliers and understand industry-specific needs, helping them accomplish any project easily.

Our production facilities in China have been operating for more than 20 years and are ISO certified.
We’re committed to creating the right solution for customer requirements. We offer our customers everything from cable designs to final manufacturing and electrical safety testing- all intending to meet your special requirements.

We offer quick availability of off-the-shelf cable assemblies that are already assembled.
We’re dedicated to meeting the needs of all customers with quick response times, low cost, less production time, and superior service throughout the production process.


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