Professional engineer review; strict quality control for each process.

Advanced Testing Technology To Ensure the Quality such as AOI Test, E-Test, X-RAY, Impedance Control.

We committed to helping customers get the highest quality products and services with competitive prices (especially multilayers PCBs).

Custom Cable Assemblies:
Your Preferred USA Cable Builder & Supplier

✅ Decades of experience

✅ ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified

✅ Small quantities and quick-turn available

✅ Off-the-shelf assemblies available


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Welcome to Cloom Tech: Our Custom Cable Assemblies Company

OurPCB is proud to own Cloom Tech, a professional custom cable assemblies company. Our ISO-certified factory has been in business for more than 2 decades and can handle all your commercial or personal cable needs under one roof.

We offer a wide range of customized cable services, hybrid cables, and wire harnesses. We can also retrofit existing cables with top-quality connectors, carriers, and shielding to improve their performance, especially in harsh environments.

If you’re looking for off-the-shelf cables for a fast turnaround, we also stock a wide inventory of high-speed, ready-manufactured cables for your every need.

Our Custom Cable Services

custom cable design

Custom Cable Design

Tailored cable solutions for your unique needs
quality cable assembly

Quality Cable Assembly

Expert craftsmanship for reliable connections

custom wire harnesses

Custom Wire Harnesses

Organized wiring for efficient systems

custom hybrid cables

Custom Hybrid Cables

Combining power and data transmission seamlessly

waterproof cable assembly

Waterproof Cable Assembly

Durable protection against the elements

overmolded cable assemblies

Overmolded Cable Assemblies

Enhanced strain relief and durability

fortifying existing cables

Fortifying Existing Cables

Strengthening cables for extended lifespan

cable manufacturing

Cable Manufacturing

Precision manufacturing for superior quality

electrical safety testing

Electrical Safety Testing

Rigorous testing for peace of mind

ready assembled cables available

Ready-Assembled Cables Available

Off-the-shelf solutions for quick turnaround

quality component sourcing

Quality Component Sourcing

Premium materials for optimal performance

your one stop cable shop

Your One-Stop Cable Shop

All your cable needs met under one roof

Custom Cables vs. Standard Cables 

Custom cable assemblies are designed and manufactured to meet the exact needs of the project or application. They are not universal, one-size-fits-all solutions – they are tailored to fit unique needs. 

Standard cables come in predetermined lengths and wiring configurations. This is ideal if you know exactly what you’re looking for, or if you want to match other cables you’re currently using, but it’s limiting if you require more creative cabling options. 

Here’s why custom cables could be the better choice for many applications, including military, telecommunications, medical, automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics. 

Tailored Solutions 

Unlike standard cables, which come in set sizes and configurations, custom cables allow you to choose the exact length, connector types, wire gauge, shielding, and other features you want. Custom cables also get rid of unnecessary components, saving you money and reducing clutter. 

Improved Performance and Reliability 

By using high-quality materials and construction methods, custom cable assemblies can give you better signal integrity, reduced interference, and better durability than standard cables. This ensures better performance and reliability, as well as less chance of failure. 

Space Optimization and Efficient Cable Management 

With custom lengths and connectors, cables can be routed more efficiently, minimizing excess cable length and reducing the risk of tangles or damage. This can be especially handy in tight spaces or in applications where cable management is key. 

Cost-Effectiveness in the Long Term 

While the cost of custom cables may be higher than standard cables, they can end up being more cost-effective over time. Their performance, reliability, and longevity can reduce the need for replacements and repairs, so you don’t spend too much in the future. 

Reduced Lead Times for Production 

Working with a reputable custom cable manufacturer can streamline your production process. They often provide faster turnaround times for a new product compared to sourcing standard cables, which may have longer lead times or need modifications. 

Why Choose Our Custom Cable Assembly Solutions?

10+ years in the business

10+ Years in the Business

Our highly skilled team have crafted thousands of custom cable assemblies over their decades of experience.

iso 9001 2015 certified factory

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Factory

Our factory has been in business for over 20 years, uses advanced technology, and meets all industry certifications.

cad services

CAD Services

Our computer-aided design services allow us to create your product to meet your every request.

complete customization

Complete Customization

Whatever you need, we’ll manufacture and assemble it for you. Fully customizable to meet your requirements.

competitive costs

Competitive Costs

Our custom cable assemblies are competitively priced and built to last.

fast quote and response times

Fast Quote and Response Times

Fast, free quoting means we can get started on your project as soon as possible.

Our Custom Cable Capabilities



Only ROHS-compliant materials



Tyco, AMP, Molex, Delphi, JST, JAE, and more options



Orange or OEM color



TUV, ISO9001, T/S16949, ROHS-approved



Prototypes can be provided for assessment

minimum order

Minimum Order

Small quantities accepted

easy payments

Easy Payments

100% TT or PayPal for convenience

delivery time

Delivery Time

As fast as possible based on production capacity

The Custom Cable Assembly Process

The Custom Cable Assembly Process
The Custom Cable Assembly Step by Step Process
  1. Consultation 

    Our process begins with a comprehensive consultation to fully understand your project’s specific needs. We collaborate closely with you to gather detailed information on the application, environment, electrical requirements, desired features, and any unique challenges. 

  2. Design and Prototyping 

    Based on the information gathered, our experienced engineers create your cable design and select materials, connectors, and components that meet your performance and budget requirements. We then produce a prototype for your review and approval.

  3. Component Sourcing 

    If necessary, we’ll reach out to our trusted suppliers to source the best quality components for your design. We’re proud to work with some of the most renowned suppliers, ensuring quality components for best performance. 

  4. Manufacturing and Testing 

    Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility employs skilled technicians and advanced equipment to assemble your custom cables with precision and care. We follow strict quality control standards throughout the process. Rigorous testing, including electrical, mechanical, and environmental tests, is performed on each cable for quality assurance. 

  5. Delivery and Support 

    We’re committed to delivering your custom cable assemblies with speed and within budget. We offer flexible shipping options to meet your needs and provide ongoing customer support to address any questions or concerns that may arise. Our goal is to build a long-lasting relationship with you and provide reliable cable solutions for your future projects

Our Products 

As a custom cable assembly manufacturer, we design and produce all manner of high-quality cable configurations. Here are some of the selection of some of the cable and connector products in our wide range.

Our Custom Cable Assembly Production Facilities 

Our wire and cable production factory is based in China, which keeps the highest quality standards while maintaining low costs. Our ISO-certified factories have been operating for over 20 years, and employ staff with high levels of expertise. When you buy custom cables from us, you’re getting the best.

Custom Cable Assembly FAQs

We can manufacture and assemble a diverse range of cable types, including coaxial, multi-conductor, electrical and fiber optic pigtail, flat, high-flex, ribbon, and more. We also offer custom connectors including standard, proprietary, and military connectors.

Custom cable assembly lead time can vary based on a variety of different factors. The more complex the design, the longer it will take to create. In the same vein, the higher the quantity you order, the longer it will take to fulfill that order.

In some cases, choosing specific materials may add time to your order if we need to source them from specific suppliers. Generally, simple projects could be completed in a few days, while more complicated projects could take as much as several weeks.

The cost of customized cables can also vary depending on numerous factors. The type of cable and connectors, how long you want the cable to be, the materials you want to use, and the complexity of the cable assembly can all add time.

The only way to get an accurate idea of how much your custom cable design may cost is to request a free quote. We’ll be able to analyze your design and give you an as-accurate-as-possible estimation for your project.

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