PCB Layout Design Service 

We provide PCB Layout Design service for customers who have a product need to be done but know little about the electronic

product design. You can give us the function requests, final cost, the environment used, and other corresponding information

about your product; we can make it out based on your request and provide prototype and design files.

We have experience in the following field:

  • LED Application product
  • Intelligence control
  • Video sample and process.
  • Real-Time control.
  • Clean energy(solar and wind) application.
  • Smart Home.
  • Security application.
  • Digital product.
  • Network Remote control.
  • High-power laser application.
  • Game console and Game card product.
  • Embedded OS customize and replanting.

Embedded application software development.

Schematic Design Guide

  • Notice for the schematic design process
  • FAQ for the schematic design process when making an electronic product.
  • How to make a CheckList.

PCB Layout Guide

  • Digital circuit layout.
  • Analog circuit layout.
  • FAQ for layout and routing.
  • Guide layout for mix signals.
  • Deal with Ground connection signal.
  • PCB layout and product assembling.

Note for PCBA

  • FAQ for normal PCBA problem.
  • Effect on PCBA using different manufacturing techniques.
  • FAQ for PCBA anti-static and packing.

PCBA Test Discussion

  • Following the problem during product testing.
  • Reply to design work based on product testing information.