In 2007, OurPCB Tech Limited came into existence. And one of the primary drives for starting the firm was to focus on PCB production and assembling. Hence, in the last fifteen years, we’ve served over 2,500 happy customers globally—and it’s all in our bid to deliver ONLY quality products and services.

In 2011, six years after we started, we moved to build our first assembling factory in Shijiazhuang. And it was as a result of the growing demand of you—our customers. Six years after setting up our first PCB assembly factory, in 2017, we launched our second factory in Shenzhen.

In a quest to expand our firm—growing it for a larger global audience, we decided to set up an OurPCB branch in Melbourne, Australia, in 2014. This Australian branch is responsible for delivering sales and service for our English-speaking customers globally.

Over the years, we built solid and long-standing trade ties with some big companies to secure our PCBs’ authentic components. For instance, we partnered with Arrow, Future Electronics, Element14, etc., to ensure you—our customers get the best products and services.

Furthermore, our clients globally cut across many manufacturing services and electronics supply firms in various sectors—ranging from industrial, access controls, computing, automotive, and medical to communications. 

Finally, our topmost priority is to deliver quality PCB Assembling and turnkey projects in high-quality standards—while meeting our quality component procurement policies for every one of our clients.

OurPCB Mission

We are Dedicate to satisfy our customers' needs.

Provide a high-quality product with a professional service.

Deliver products on time.

To minimize all cost for our customers.

To maximize profit margins for our customers.

OURPCB Headquarter Office


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