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Industry Credits

  • OURPCB Tech was founded in 2005.Our factory is a highly professional and experienced PCB Manufacturing and PCB Assembly Services in China.
  • OURPCB has emerged as a leading provider of time- critical,high performance PCB and PCBA solutions over the last 10 years with over 5,000 Square meters work space.We currently have over 2,500 customers world wide.
  • Our capabilities include standard assembly and UL processing.For assembly we incorporate three high speed Siemens SMT lines,ensuring a highly reliable PCB assembly outcome.Surface mount,through hole,BGA,QFP,QFN component loading all meet programming,AOL Inspection and Function Test.

Get to Know us

PCB Service

Layer: 1-32
Finished Copper: 0.5-6oz
Min. Line/Track Width: 4mil.
Min. Line/Track Space: 4mil.
Finished Board Thickness: 0.2-5.0mm.
Min. Finished Diameter of PTH Hole: 0.2mm.
No set-up cost for repeated order
No test cost, No set-up cost if the order exceed 30 square meter.
Reasonable cost for high quality production.
Formal quotation in 8 working hours.
DHL, FeDex, TNT,EMS are available

PCBA Service

ISO 9001:2008 certified.
RoHS & Lead-Free pcb assembly.
Consigned Components or Turnkey.
Small quantities and quick turns available.
Single or double-sided mixed technology PCB assembly.
Capability to handle virtually any device including all types of BGAs, CGAs, QFNs, DFNs, CSPs, and SONs.
BGA and Micro-BGA installation and rework with 100% X-Ray Inspection, Automated Optical Inspection.

FPCB Service

Fulfill flex PCB orders of 20 Layers Maximum
High-quality, quick turn flexible printed circuit boards manufacturing services.
With proven processes and a full range of services such as:
Line Width/Space in the Inner Layer: 3/3mil
Min. Drilling Hole Diameter: 6mil
Tolerance for Impedance Control(+/-): 10%

Custom Wiring Harness

Cloom is one amongst the excellent wire harness service companies, covering Electronics wiring harness, Power cable, Signal wiring harness, Automobile wiring harness.
Its covers include the value-added business of Wire harness production, assembling, custom design, and most efficient delivery route.
Cloom R&D team adapt quickly to the changing market needs. R&D team helps a customer in developing the design, advising on the material, developing new products, and ensuring that the essential requirement of ROHS, REACH and halogen-free for wiring harness are met.
Cloom also helps find the most suitable delivery to minimize costs.
From Prototype, developing design, production, packing and delivery, Cloom will the one point sourcing.


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How about the design files into the correct gerber format?

Regarding how to choose a suitable SUPPLIER for your process, you don’t have to be a pcb and assembly expert; our professional and pertinent suggestions will help you get the whole picture of the total solution.


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