PCBA Test: A Comprehensive Guide

Circuit tests are an integral part of the PCB assembly process. Running functional tests can help manufacturers ensure product quality and prevent a wide range of manufacturing defects. However, they need to understand what PCBA test they have at their disposal. Thus, the following guide will explore the intricacies of PCBA testing and why it’s’ […]

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THT Mounting

THT Mounting: The Only Guide You Need

Printed circuit boards have proven highly useful in numerous applications. A key factor determining a printed circuit board’s application is how its electrical components were mounted. His article defines THT mounting technology and then lists its advantages and disadvantages.  You also learn how THT compares to other mounting processes like SMT and gain tips on […]

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Heat Shrink Tubing Temperature

Heat Shrink Tubing Temperature: Guide and Appropriate Recommendations

The heat shrink tubing technique covers or encases cables or wires to seal an environment. You can also refer to the heat shrink tubing as heat shrink sleeves.  The heat shrinking procedure is not as complicated as most people think. You have to get one, insert the wire, and heat the sleeve for insulation. Plus, there’s […]

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