Microwave Circuit Board Material

RF/Microwave PCB Material: PCB Laminates for High-Power Applications

Microwaves transmit data at high frequencies. Therefore, PCBs for microwave devices should handle high-power signals optimally. However, microwave applications vary nowadays, from military use to consumer electronics. Thus, you need to pick the best material for the specific application.We have covered the best microwave circuit board material and properties for the most typical ones to […]

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PCB soldering

PCB Soldering-The Ultimate Guide to PCB Soldering

Soldering is an essential process when fastening components onto a PCB. It has a significant impact on the overall quality and performance of a PCB. There exist different soldering processes, solders, and techniques. Hence, it is not uncommon for the process to the overwhelming to beginners and even experts. This article presents the ultimate guide to PCB […]

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IPC Standards

IPC Standards: Everything You Should Know About It

IPC standards are something you can’t avoid as a reliable PCB producer. In other words, you can’t boast of producing reliable PCBs without verifying the IPC standards. That’s why there are a ton of IPC standards to ensure that your product is sturdy. So, if you’re new to PCB design, it’s essential to consider the IPC standards. […]

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