Frequency Counter Circuits: Everything You Need to Know

Do you need an appropriate device to aid you measure system frequencies? Get yourself a frequency counter to help you with the measurement. You can order yourself one from the store, or you can opt to make a simple one for yourself. And luckily for you, here at OurPCB, we’ve created a post to guide […]

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Glass PCB

Glass PCB: Explained For Beginners

We live in a highly technological society, which in turn has led to printed circuit boards becoming part of our lives. You will inevitably find an electronic circuit in computers, home appliances, phones, and industrial machines. Now various types of PCBs are made of different materials. This article takes a comprehensive look at a kind […]

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PCB drilling process

PCB Drilling: Definition, Types, and How It Works

Are you new to PCB engineering? Then, you should know that PCB drilling is one of the critical factors contributing to a board’s quality. After all, properly drilling your board creates a secure base for excellent plating on the hole walls. Also, the general rule of thumb is to prepare each hole individually and carefully. […]

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