pcb connector types

PCB Connector Types:Best List of What You Should Kown in 2020

Almost all electrical appliances that we use today have PCB. We also call it Printed Circuit Boards, which helps link PCB Connector Types between different parts on the board. Some devices require more than one PCB. Such a device will need a series of equipment to establish a connection on the board. Printed Circuit Boards […]

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Leds Circuit Board: The Heart of Led Lights-The Ultimate Guide

As PCB technology continues to advance, it has pushed the development of numerous innovations. A good example is the innovation of the led circuit board. Undoubtedly, the led pcb board is the heart of led lighting. Though there are several types of led light of different shapes in the electronic market, they all have led […]

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Paste through-hole connector with soldering on PCB crossection

Plating Learn to use Castellated Holes Reasonably in PCB Production

Castellated holes are becoming more and more common, especially with the rapid development of the high-tech industry. Designers in the PCB industry need to get a good understanding of everything to do with castellated holes. So, what’s the importance of castellated holes? How do you go about designing them? This article introduces the importance of […]

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