automated PCB assembly

PCBA Drawing: What Are the Basic Requirements for Assembly Drawing?

Generally, you can create a convenient and precise assembly drawing file in many ways, especially for your manufacturer. As a result, it is recommendable for designers to be aware of the information included in the PCBA drawing file. In today’s article, we will define PCB assembly drawing, then give you an outline of what you […]

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Modern printed circuit board showing various electronic components and connectors

Laser Direct Imaging: LDI in PCB Manufacturing

Etching and printing the pattern on the copper-clad laminates is one of the crucial steps in manufacturing circuit boards. The imaging procedure is fundamental in developing the PCB design as it outlines the circuit traces. Although the typical imaging procedures require UV light and phototool fill when transmitting images, Laser Direct Imaging employs computerized laser irradiation. […]

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A PCB design engineer following safety standards while at a PCB factory

Clearance and Creepage Distances: Rules and Calculation

In PCB design, equipment safety requirements such as clearance and creepage distances are crucial. These factors help in the smooth operating conditions, possible failure, and other environmental conditions affecting electronics. These conditions are pollution, altitude, humidity, and temperature. As a result, these PCB safety standards come with regulations and clear statements. So, eventually, end-users get […]

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