LED Bulbs

LED Dimmer Circuit- A Beginners Guide

You have probably come across LEDs (Light-Emitting Diodes) of varying brightness intensity. This feature is unique to LEDs. The main upside of using a LED is that you can easily change its brightness intensity. You can choose to make it brighter or dimmer depending on your preferences. You can also dim a bunch of LEDs that […]

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transistor circuit

Transistor Projects: 10 Amazing Transistor Projects Circuits for Beginners

Without a doubt, everyone prefers projects which are transistor-related. They’re not only easy to construct but are also budget-friendly. Many transistor projects like car interior lights, rain alarms, and hum-free power supply operate with simple electric circuit boards. Here, we’ll build ten easy projects using transistors as well as other electronic components like batteries.  Indeed, […]

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led strobe light on a police car

Led Strobe Circuit: How To Build a Led Strobe Circuit Using A 555 Timer

Many people think building a led strobe circuit is difficult because flashing effects form through an intricate xenon flash tube. However, with a proper driving circuit, making a light strobe is easy. For your light project, you can find the materials at any DIY store.  There’s certainly nothing more intriguing than seeing an electronic circuit […]

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