Wireless internet router

OpenWrt vs DD-WRT: Which Firmware is Best?

Whether we’re referring to hard or soft routers, they would be useless without the software that drives them. Many router brands and vendors don’t manufacture the hardware. Instead, they provide the firmware. However, some users find that their device’s default pre-installed firmware is insufficient. It could have inadequate security or access control features. As such, […]

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Split Ortholinear Keyboard

Split Ortholinear Keyboard: A Compact, Separated Keyboard with Vertically-Aligned Keys

Ortholinear keyboards have unique designs, and even though not very popular, they have die-hard fans in the mechanical keyboard community. Unlike the regular keyboard, this type features non-staggered keys that give a unique typing experience. A split ortholinear keyboard further enhances the typing experience by separating the keys into two halves. If unsure about this […]

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