A computer PCB

Quick-Turn PCB: Fast-Built Circuit Boards for Rapid Prototyping

Electronics and technology are advancing at a rapid pace, which is partly due to intense competition in the industry. And it would make sense if the foundation blocks of electronics (circuit boards) get built at a similar pace to match the rapid advancement. Quick-turn PCB has a fast production time and can enable you to […]

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A holographic projection of SIM cards

3-in-1 SIM Card: Three Card Kits For One Network

As technology evolves, devices are becoming more compact, which includes phone SIM cards. But this brings up the issue of backward compatibility. Can you fit the new tiny SIM cards on old devices? A 3-in-1 SIM card solves this issue, and we will explain how it achieves that below. Read on to learn more!   […]

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Top view of a blue printed circuit board

PCB Substrate Materials – What Type is Right For Your PCB?

It is only logical that the materials you select affect the performance of your product. It is the same with printed circuit boards, and choosing the right PCB substrate materials can primarily affect your board’s performance, durability, and other features. In this article, we are investigating material requirements in different categories. We will not stop […]

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