High tech electronic PCB (Printed circuit board) with processor and microchips.

14 PCB Application Areas and Uses of PCB Based on Types

Printed circuit boards, also known as PCBs, make up some of the critical components of electronic devices. A majority of people use them daily without even thinking about them, and they are vital to a wide variety of industries. PCBs have got a wide number of applications, but here, we will highlight 14 of the […]

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SMT passive components soldered on a circuit board

Tombstoning PCB: Common Causes and How To Prevent This Assembly Defect

Several defects can occur when soldering components to a PCB, especially the surface mount type because they are tiny. Tombstoning PCB is common if you don’t handle the assembly process. Tombstoning can lead to electronic component failure, which is essentially component death. Let’s analyze this soldering defect to see its common causes and how to […]

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Micro PCB Board: How To Design Tiny PCBs and the Challenges Involved

As electronic gadgets become tinier to meet consumers’ lightweight and mobility requirements, they need micro PCB board to accommodate the electrical circuitry. However, these gadgets still need to be as capable and reliable as their users expect. So, efficiently designing the microboards is critical to making them functional and reliable. In this article, we will […]

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