SMD—The Ultimate Guide to Propulsion Technology Needs

Day by day, electronic components are getting smaller in the printed circuit board market. It would help if you also evolved your projects with the need to ensure your survival in it. The new components revolving in the market are not only small but are also cheap and fast. They go by the name of […]

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Multilayer Pool – What You Need To Know About Multilayer PCB

Printed circuit boards are used in all electronics and devices that we use as a daily routine of our life. PCBs are made of a single layer and or they can be of a multilayer pool. As a PCB designer, you must have many queries about the different layers, design, and potential applications. We have created […]

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PCB hole diameter

Hole Diameter: How to Calculate the Hole Size

A hole diameter or PHD refers to a production tool’s diameter that you use to drill holes. So, the calculation of a hole size diameter differed for non-plated through holes and plated through holes. For a non-plated through-hole, the calculation is the sum of the finished hole size and +0.00mm/0mil. But, plated through-hole, on the […]

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