Wi-Fi LEDs: A Guide to Smarter LED Lighting

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows us to control nearly every aspect of our lives.  This is all possible due to the power of wireless internet. Likewise, pairing your LEDs with a Wi-Fi controller can translate into new decorative options as well as savings on your energy bill. Learning, understanding, and traversing new technology can […]

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Cree LEDs

What are Cree LEDs: A Comprehensive Guide

Cree is not only a language native to North America, but it also describes a company that is popular for its LED products. While they sell high-quality heat sinks, drivers, and other modules, they are most famous for providing industry-standard LED chips. Furthermore, Cree LEDs chips are so good that most top-tier lighting manufacturers incorporate […]

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LED Splitter

LED Splitter: 6 Amazing Things You Should Know

Do you plan to run LED strip lights around the edges of a wall or ceiling? And you have ONLY one available outlet for each end of the room. That’s where you’ll require an LED splitter because it would enable you to run light strips from one outlet. Or perhaps you plan to install LED […]

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