RF amplifier PCB isolated on the white background

RF Amplifier – 5 Steps to Design an RF Amplifier

If you are into designing RF amplifier, you need to know how to select the perfect RF amplifier. Considering that this is a simple circuit, you don’t have to do it by yourself. But it is good to know the constructs you need to design an RF amplifier.   Caption: RF amplifier PCB isolated on […]

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PCB board for designing electronic Speed Controller

10 Steps To Set Up A TAMIYA Electronic Speed Controller

An Electronic Speed Controller is a device that has a printed circuit board. The circuitry enables the electronic speed controller to control the motor speed. This device uses a reference signal for speed like the throttle lever or a joystick. Electronic Speed Controllers can also reverse the motor rotation, and the invention also assists in […]

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Motor controller PCB model diagram

8 Things You Need to Know about How Motor Controller Work

A motor controller is a bridge between the microcontroller in your robot, motors, and batteries. It is a crucial part of the mechanics because a single motor controller has the power to provide around 0.1 Amps of current. If you compare this to DC or servo motors, they need much higher current to work. Selecting […]

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