Selective component soldering in a PCB factory

Selective Soldering: A Partial and Precise Soldering Process

The miniaturization trends in circuit board fabrication have necessitated selective soldering to prevent component damage.  Reflow and wave soldering might still work on boards with purely SMT and through-hole components but can damage mixed assemblies.  So it is necessary to explore the selective soldering process, and here’s all you need to know about it. What […]

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A flexible optical sensor PCB

Semi-Flex FPC: What The Flexi Circuit Is All About

Semi-flex FPCs enable large circuits to fit in compact installation areas.  Also, they give engineers the flexibility to build commercial products without adhering to the spatial requirements of rigid boards.  But these electrical engineers have the option of picking flex or semi-flex FPCs. So how do they differ? And how do you design a semi-flex […]

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