High Voltage Power Lines

How to Wire a Step-Down Transformer- The Key Steps

The primary voltage in transmission lines is usually at high levels that can damage your household electronic systems. As a result, it is imperative to step it down to the proper voltage.  Here is where the use of power transformers comes in handy. There are different transformer types. For instance, a step-up transformer is useful […]

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Photoresistor: The Best Choice for Your Applications

Several electronic components detect the presence of light levels, such as phototransistor or photodiodes. However, the electronic components have PN junctions and semiconductor materials with low resistance change due to light intensity. Therefore, you’ll need a particular type of variable resistor known as a photoresistor to carry out the light-sensing operation.  They are easy to […]

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a microphone

How Does an Electret Microphone Work? A Comprehensive Guide

Have you ever wondered about mechanisms microphones employ to bring out various sounds? Microphones convert sound energy into electrical signals. However, different types of microphones use varied methods in the conversion process. In our case today, we’ll discuss electret condenser microphones. The electret microphone has been in existence since 1961, and it works on an […]

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