Inside a PCB assembly line

8 Standards That PCBA Production Should Outsource to China

Outsourcing pcba services to China in the last few years has increased. China is a perfect destination for the best-printed circuit board assembly services. There are plenty of reasons for such. Lately, a lot of those in need of pcba services choose to outsource to Chinese companies. The most basic reason for outsourcing pcba services […]

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Technicians are doing PCBA Manufacturing

7 PCBA Manufacturing Defects and Solutions

As a PCB user, it is frustrating receiving PCBs that functions, but only for a short time then fail. To a manufacturer, you’ll end up spending much cash and waste even more time, especially in the event of recalls. Having a clear understanding helps you avoid the manufacture of low-quality boards. With high-quality boards, you’ll […]

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ALT- Review your PCB design

10 Inspection Tips to Help You Design High-quality PCB

Checking of your quality PCB design is as essential as the design itself. There are several sections where errors may occur. Error rectification is not practical in the case of manufactured PCBs. It is why this stage is an invaluable step in the Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) manufacturing. Accurate PCBs are essential for the optimal […]

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