A flexible LED strip

7 Problems And Solutions Often Encountered In Led PCB Assembly

PCB assembly in LED light is one of the revolutionary innovations that have made the energy-saving lighting technology near perfect. By the use of the circuit board, the lighting companies can now device low heat dissipating, duster and moisture resistant, and low profile LED lights that are applicable in all spectrum of life. To go […]

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Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Board

5 Things About Rigid Flex PCB Manufacturing Technology

Rigid-flex PCB is getting popular, all because of their ability to tick the right boxes. Quite sophisticated in their approach, such a PCB is the right combination of flexible and rigid PCB. It is this quality that flex-rigid manufacturing technology is making headlines. So what is it? Here, we will reveal some of the interesting facts about […]

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Soldering process

Take You To 5 Common Flex PCB Soldering Technology

The technology behind soldering and welding has advanced a lot over the last decade. But, there is room for further improvement. Soldering engineers still have to settle for outdated processes and techniques. The research behind new and innovative technologies is still incomplete. Flexible welding has emerged to be more complicated than rigid welding. However, it comes with […]

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