PCB X-ray Inspection

PCB X-ray Inspection: The Importance of X-ray Inspection in PCBA

PCB X-ray inspection is one of the breakthroughs in manufacturing. It allows designers and engineers to detect defects. The defects could be in several parts of their components like BGA, soldering, and CSP defects. X-ray inspection is a process for raw and advanced PCBs. Manufacturers combine x-ray inspection with functional testing. This process gives an […]

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A PCB technician undertaking a PCB solderability test

The Ultimate Guide to PCB Solderability Test and Functionality

In the manufacture of PCBs, two things matter the most: the product’s quality and the choice of PCB materials. If you want to ensure that PCB production runs well, then some tests are necessary. As a manufacturer, you need to reduce PCB failures to ensure that you raise your final product’s quality levels. Among other types […]

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a close up on an ICT

ICT Test :How to Use it to Help You Produce High-quality PCB

In the world of technological advancements, it gets hard to pick on a gadget that best suits you. Regarding that fact, determining a worthwhile tester for your circuit board can be tedious. Almost all the time, a tester predicts the future sustainability of your board. Therefore, the ICT Test helps run tests on your brand-new […]

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