Homemade PCB: Step-By-Step Instructions For 2 Methods

While there are different methods to mass-produce Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), we show you how to make them at home. Almost every electronic device has PCBs; although factories manufacture PCBs conventionally, this article shows how to make a homemade PCB. However, we also tell the difference between the fabrication methods for making your PCB at […]

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FR4 Dielectric Constant

FR4 Dielectric Constant: An Affordable Laminate for Regular Circuit Boards

If you know what a prism is, you have an idea of how it disperses light. Most circuit boards use Fr4 as the dielectric material, impacting electrical signal dispersion. Dispersion is also vital in high-speed and high-frequency PCBs because electrical pulses move at different velocities on the traces. Therefore, if you are designing such a […]

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PCB Schematic

PCB Schematic: A 2D Diagram for Component Functions and Connections

Regardless of the circuit board type, the first step when you want to make one is to develop a schematic. The diagram lays out your idea in a simple layout for easier understanding before proceeding to other complex design and manufacturing phases later. So what is a PCB schematic, and how do you make one? […]

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