LC Oscillator: Circuit Working, Types, and Applications

Oscillators are devices that convert a supply voltage, i.e., DC input, into a waveform, the AC output. Often, you will find the output waveform in different frequencies and shapes such as triangular, square, or sawtooth. Further, the waveform shapes can be complex or just a simple sine wave, depending on the application area.  In this […]

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Current Sense Amps: Capture Small Voltage Drop With Precision

If you want to track the energy flow in your circuit system, you will need current sensing solutions. The solution might be an amplifier, but it is vital to ensure the power settings are efficient. Moreover, you can avoid overheating, short circuits, and overcurrent protection. While using a current sense amps, you must consider high […]

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Zener Diodes

High Current Zener Diodes – Offering Effective Current Handling Capability

Zener diodes are common electronic components found in a wide range of devices. One example is a surge protector, where diodes help reduce transient voltage spikes. The design of Zener diodes allows the current to flow backward in low reverse breakdown voltage.  Yet, some applications need a maximum voltage and current that the Zener diodes won’t […]

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