LED PCB: All You Need to Know

Printed circuit boards, primarily known as PCBs, are dominantly present in our technological society. You will undoubtedly find a printed circuit board in cars, computers, industrial machines, and many other electronic products. However, manufacturers tailor numerous printed circuit boards to suit their various purposes. This article looks at one such printed circuit board called LED […]

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FM Transmitter Circuits

FM Transmitter Circuits: How to Build One Tailored For You

Does your engineering project need an FM transmitter circuit, but you have no idea how to make one? Then, this article is for you. The FM transmitter circuit is a crucial part of wireless and Bluetooth communication circuit projects and carrier frequency. Plus, It’s efficient and can be tricky—because of its complex diagrams and design. […]

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A PCB drilling process

Back Drill: The Importance of This PCB Drilling Technique

One vital aspect of PCB design is to achieve signal integrity and high-speed data transfer rates. It is often a problem in high-frequency PCB designs where a transmitted signal undergoes distortion due to multiple layers. That is where a back drill PCB comes into play. Here, we cover how to use back drilling to contain […]

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