Flexible road pavement in blue plastic film

Knowing Your Flex PCB Prototype Supplier From 8 Aspects

In recent years, Flex PCB Prototype is in high demand in the market. As a PCB small buyer or distributor, it is essential to know some necessary information about these products and their suppliers to avoid loss of money, time, resources, and energy. The goal of this article is to allow you to grasp the […]

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Quality control and assembly of SMT printed components

11 Easy Steps You Need To Know To Avoid Solder Balls In SMT Manufacturing

SMT manufacturing is an integral part of the PCB assembly. You need to be extra careful during the process to make it successful. Otherwise, your PCB can develop various threats and problems. One such threat is the development of solder balls during SMT manufacturing. Solder balls can appear on a PCB due to various reasons. They […]

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PCB Soldering

PCB Soldering-15 Common PCB Soldering Problems to Avoid

PCB soldering is an essential part of the entire printed circuit board assembly process. Unfortunately, the soldering process can face many problems, making it challenging to achieve top-quality final PCB products. As PCB components become smaller and more compact, the chances of issues occurring when soldering PCB becomes higher. But what exactly are these PCB soldering problems? More importantly, what can you […]

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