Power bank for mobile devices

Homemade Power Bank: An Easy DIY Guide

When you have a flat battery or your battery is running low, and there’s no power for a quick charge. Then, all you need is a power bank or perhaps a homemade power bank. So, with a power bank, you can run your electronic devices for a long time without them getting a low battery. […]

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A secondary surge protection technology connected to an external source of power for the connection of other household appliances

Surge Protector Circuits: Principle, Selection, And Design

Nowadays, surge protection devices can prevent little or total destruction to circuit boards of electrical appliances. However, they are similarly vital for safety reasons. Comprehending the reason surge protection is essential. It implies that you will possess complete information on the risks and hazards connected with high-voltage surges or voltage spikes. These situations can last […]

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Automatic voltage regulator

Motorcycle Voltage Regulator – How to Inspect and Repair the Device

Have you been having challenges working with your motorcycle voltage regulator? Worry no more. This article provides several techniques you should employ when working with motorcycle voltage regulators. Therefore, go through every section of this article to know more about this device.   The working principle of motorcycle voltage regulator   A motorcycle voltage regulator […]

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