LCD interface types

LCD interface: The ultimate guide

Have you ever asked yourself what LCD is? No worries, we are here for you. Therefore, like in any display gadget, liquid crystal display coordinates with a microprocessor or microcontroller. The MCPU and MCU send the brightness that every pixel should produce. It creates the required color of the pixel for your LCD screen. However, […]

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Best LED Floodlights

Best LED Floodlights: A Comprehensive Guide

We generally associate LED floodlights with large stadiums and sporting events. However, any average Joe can integrate them into their home. They are a great security measure. While the most common types of floodlights are halogen, metal halide, and sodium vapor, LED, types have recently risen in prominence and use. This is cause they are […]

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LED Retrofits Lamps

LED Retrofits Lamps: Everything You Need to Know

Installing LED retrofit lights into your property is a great idea. LED Retrofits Lamps manufacturers design these lamps specifically for use as decorations. Additionally, all LED models to use advanced cooling technology producing are high LED efficacy and life. There are a lot of advantages to LED retrofits, and you can find them in this […]

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