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PCB Layout How it Can Save You Time and Money

In the design and subsequent manufacture of almost everything, having a layout prepared is essential. Without a prepared layout, the whole process may not run smoothly.

Likewise, in PCB production, layout preparation also plays a vital role. Layout preparation will eventually bring about the desired PCB results. PCB layout preparation ensures that all the details in the manufacturing process are less prone to errors, and that time and money get saved.

This article highlights the importance of having in place a PCB layout preparation. Also highlighted are reasons why it is essential -especially for PCB manufacturers-to, to have a PCB layout prepared before the manufacturing process begins.


1、Importance of PCB Layout Preparation


Without having an effective PCBs layout prepared, there are chances that the end product will be a board that doesn’t function as desired. The truth is that having a plan or layout prepared plays an essential role in the board’s layout results. First, a PCB layout can assist in streamlining the design process through the determination of design constraints.

The above is not all. With a layout in place, matters to do with sizing and the placement of vital elements such as maximum and minimum tolerances get determined way back before production. A lack of a layout may demand extra costs, time, and money needed to correct errors. A PCB layout preparation comes with many benefits to PCB manufacturers who intend to avoid unnecessary costs associated with having to correct previous errors.

Coming up with some of the most functional, reliable, and cost-effective PCBs can be a very tasking exercise. However, having a PCB layout prepared beforehand, rest assured of having a product that will meet all your needs. A PCB layout avoids plenty of unpleasant experiences associated with such boards, especially when they are already in the market and used.


A close up image of a Printed Circuit Board

Image 1: A close-up image of a Printed Circuit Board


2、Problems That Arise From a Lack of PCB Layout Preparation


Many issues are bound to emerge from the lack of accurate or efficient PCB layout preparation. A bigger problem that is probable to arise from a lack of PCB layout preparation is total board failure. Board failure comes in as the most significant issue that arises from poor planning or a lack of PCBs layout preparation reported by many individuals.

Apart from board failure, another issue that can arise from lack of PCB layout preparation is that it may lead to manufacturer rework. Without adequate PCB layout preparation, your board will go back to the manufacturer or designer for rework, an aspect that causes delays. Much worse, most boards that go back to the “drawing board” fail to work as desired or intended. Shipping it back is an aspect that increases costs while extending lead times.

A PCB board's limited functionality is another issue that arises from boards manufactured without factoring in PCB layout preparation. Producing or manufacturing printed circuit boards while ignoring the initial specifications will not function in the right manner. Here, functional or quality issues may surface, which can limit or inhibit the board's capabilities or functionality.


3、How PCB Designers Can Meet PCB Layout Preparation Demands


A sample of a PCB that is used in common electronic devices

Image 2: A sample of a PCB that is used in common electronic devices


There’s a huge demand in the PCBs market, but not just any boards but quality boards made under the right procedures. PCBs are manufactured once a layout is prepared to attract a huge market. Therefore, designers and manufacturers are under pressure to manufacture boards that promise to bring about desired functionality regularly.

Plenty of PCB manufacturers –OurPCB included- lately, employ effective tools such as DFM software and PCB design tools to create the best layout plans. Such tools are effective as they bring about the best solutions for creating the best PCB layout. These and many other tools find use in a lot of PCB manufacturing firms since they are cost-effective and functional to PCB designers and manufacturers.

To meet the demands of producing functional PCBs that deliver as desired, many manufacturers are heavily concentrating on having layout prepared first. This includes defining the board's outline, placing the parts together, creating connections between the parts, and exporting them for fabrication. PCB layout preparation matters in producing high-functioning PCBs, a reason why plenty of PCB manufacturers lately consider this matter seriously.


4、PCB Layout Preparation Considerations


PCB layout preparation is considered somewhat an art form by circuit manufacturers, and to say the least, there’s a lot of truth to that. We at OurPCB understand that coming up with a functional, reliable, yet cost-effective PCBs is not an easy task as such. The demand for light-weight, compact, and flexible boards is also making everything appear more challenging.

The biggest consideration in PCB layout is shape and size, with the result supposed to accommodate the environment where the board will find applicability. Space considerations may require boards that consist of high-density or multi-layer interconnect designs. Some require boards of certain shapes or weight, making layout preparation challenging.

Lately, there is a demand for flexible PCBs in nearly all places across the globe. Sadly, not all PCB manufacturers/designers can ensure that they achieve layout design for flexible PCBs with ease. Additionally, plenty of them fails when it comes to the type of material requirements that will fit the layout well. Such factors are a higher priority when deciding PCB layout preparation for production manufacturing.


An image of a flexible printed circuit board

Image 3: An image of a flexible printed circuit board


The above is not all. There are other special requirements, chief among them being the need to avoid hazardous material during layout. The need to incorporate or use lead-free construction is another key point in making PCB layout preparation plans that needs serious consideration.


5、Complex PCB Layout Preparation IssuesWhy Green Always Wins


Creating a circuit board withstand even some of the toughest conditions is not an easy process as one may like to imagine. While PCB layout preparation matters, such can be impeded by technical or rather complex PCB layout preparation issues. Some of the most common technical/complex factors in PCB layout preparation include:

  • Coming up with the best layout needed for spacing between traces
  • Trace widths
  • Tolerances for the electrical factors that may affect the functionality of the board
  • Clearance of traces in addition to other components to the edge of the board

The availability of some layout components may be a tasking exercise with specialized or hard-to-find components likely to increase the final product's cost. If the production of a high number of boards is necessary, this can also be a major concern.

PCB layout preparation largely depends on the construction methodology or the physical construction of the board. For instance, HDI and multi-layered designs have increased significantly in recent years, which has plenty of specific layout requirements. Others include flexible PCBs that are completely altering the way manufacturers handle layout preparation before final product creation.


An image of a person closely examining a PCB

Image 4: An image of a person closely examining a PCB


6、How to Solve Plenty of PCBs Layout Preparation Problems


Solving plenty of challenges that accompany PCBs layout preparation is through the use of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and sophisticated computer-aided design (CAD). These software systems are readily available today and used by a majority of PCB manufacturers and designers globally. These specialized programs come with a host of advantages over conventional engineering. Some advantages of resorting to these software systems include:

  • Template creation: One can create templates that could find some use for future projects.
  • Reduced costs and increased efficiency: Using CAD in operation brings about the design process's accuracy and efficiency, an aspect that reduces operating costs.
  • Rule Creation: A number of these programs allow manufacturers to create and subsequently store rule sets. Such rule sets can help to improve software functionality.
  • Documentation: These systems can be used to generate and save detailed documentation related to error reports, use, design status, and more. Such can assist in future projects.
  • Layout Validation: Verification of compatibility, tolerances, component placement, and many more occur during the design stage.




Therefore, if you plan to have a board with the expected functionality, PCB layout preparation is critical. PCB layout preparation is a task that demands skills, expertise, software knowledge, and an understanding of the required manufacturing process. We at OurPCB understand the importance of PCB layout preparation. Are you in the market for PCBs manufactured under the best layout plans? OurPCB is your go-to source. We manufacture our printed circuit boards, but after subjecting them to a layout preparation phase first. With us, rest assured of PCBs that will meet the needs of your project.