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Looking for Affordable PCB Assembly? OurPCB offers a range of PCB prototype assembly services, including wiring harness assembly, injection, and conformal coating. With a primary focus on PCB production and assembly, we have successfully served over 2,500 happy customers worldwide.

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PCB assembly factories for you, based in Shijiazhuang and Shenzhen.

Shijiazhuang factory is a dedicated division of our advanced service, equipped with 5 SIEMENS SMT lines spanning over 6000 square meters of the workplace with 200 employees.

Shenzhen factory is dedicated to our standard service equipped with 7 YAMAHA SMT lines, X-ray, and AOI, Spanning over 3000 square meters, with 110 employees providing a quality assembly service at very reasonable prices.

Provide all kinds of PCB prototype assembly service you, including wiring harness assembly, injection and conformal coating.


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