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High Current Zener Diode – Offers Effective Current Regulation

A high current Zener diode has proved effective when it comes to handling current. Zener diodes are different from traditional semiconductors because they can effectively handle the reverse voltage.  In other words, it does not block or get damaged when current flows through it in reverse biased.

In this article, we will help you design and use this special diode with the right knowledge. Some of the aspects that we will consider include the features,  application of this device, among others.


Figure 1: Symbol of a Zener Diode

Figure 1: Symbol of a Zener Diode


What is a High Current Zener Diode?


Group of Electronic Components

Figure 2: Dual Zener Diode

A high current Zener diode is a high-capacity diode designed for effective power handling. It is equipped with features needed to handle the excessive voltage and current in a reverse direction.

In a bid to increase the power-handling capacity of Zener diodes, some people connected two Zener diodes in series. While this method seems promising in theory, it has limited usage in reality as they do not have equal breakdown voltage.

Furthermore, a series connection results in a high voltage Zener diodes. To increase the power-handling ability of the Zener diode, you need to connect the device with a transistor; this provides a high-powered shunting.


Dual Zener Diode

Figure 3: Three Zener Diodes on a blue-green background


High Current Zener Diode Features


Here are some of the key features of this type of diode:

  • Voltage regulation over an expansive range of temperature and current
  • High-quality construction with internal solder bond
  • Anode to case standard polarity
  • Low Noise
  • Sharp Knee Point
  • Low Dynamic Impedance
  • Corrosion resistance outer surfaces
  • Ability to withstand harsh operating conditions, including vibration, shock, etc.


Sets of Zener Diode on a White Background 

Figure 4: Sets of Zener Diode on a White Background


High Current Zener Diode Specification


A high current Zener diodes can regulate a high current and voltage effectively. This device comes with other specifications like operating temperature and maximum impedance. Here are some of the specifications of a high Zener diodes:

  • Surge Handling Capacity – 180 W for 8.3mins
  • Voltage Range – 3.3 Volt to 200 Volt
  • Maximum Steady State Power Dissipation at TL – 25 deg. C
  • ESD Class 3 Rating - >16KV Per Human Body Model
  • Maximum Impedance – 1 Ohm
  • Tolerance - ± 5%
  • Operating Temperature – 65 ° C to 175°C
  • Current Reverse Leakage at Breakdown Voltage – 10 µ A


High Current Zener Diode Applications


Group of Electronic Components 

Figure 5: Group of Electronic Components

High-watt Zener diodes have proved effective in voltage regulation in drilling, transportation, energy, power grid, and HVAC application. This type of diode is ideal for applications where power dissipation is normal and not a significant factor. Here are some of the notable applications of high power Zener diodes:


  • Solar Panel Control


With high-watt Zener diodes, you can effectively control your solar panel output without using an expensive or sophisticated controller.


  • Simple LED Driver


You can effectively use a high-power Zener diodes in the manufacturing of simple LED drivers.  It forms part of the components of a simple, cheap, and reliable LED driver.




With the knowledge acquired above, you have what it takes to make and apply a high current Zener diode Also, you should not hesitate to visit our website for more useful information about high-power Zener diodes.