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10 Steps To Set Up A TAMIYA Electronic Speed Controller

An Electronic Speed Controller is a device that has a printed circuit board. The circuitry enables the electronic speed controller to control the motor speed. This device uses a reference signal for speed like the throttle lever or a joystick. Electronic Speed Controllers can also reverse the motor rotation, and the invention also assists in dynamic braking.

It is one of the reasons why you need an excellent PCB in the speed controller. The ESC has found immense importance in the field of electric cars. The device can not only manage their motor speed but also allows it to run in both directions. It is why companies are looking at the ECS more favourably.


PCB board for designing electronic Speed Controller

(PCB board for designing electronic Speed Controller )


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1.Peeling off the Sticker


The first thing you should ensure is to remove the label. Now you can press the set button of the Electronic Speed Controller. The sticker does not allow the user to press the set button. Of course, if you wish, you can put back the label once the ESC installation is over. The PCB Design determines the position of the necessary buttons.


2.Electronic Speed Controller Wiring Set Up


Wiring is an essential step while setting up the Electronic Speed Controller. Any error in connection would result in a faulty installation. Ensure that you have a proper idea of the wires. They jut out from the Electronic Speed Controller and the receiver. The ESC will have a black, red, or white wire that must be in the second slot of the channel. The Printed Circuit Board design must be very accurate and correct.

It will assist in proper connection. The black wire should face the closest part of the receiver. Now attach the motor wires. The yellow will correspond to the ESC is yellow wire, while you need to mate the green and blue wires together. In case you are using a brushed motor ESC, the orange cable will play a redundant role.


setting up wiring for an electronic speed controller(Alt – setting up wiring for an electronic speed controller )


3.Switch on the Controller


Take a close look at the controller. You will find two switches. At the bottom of the controller, there is an R switch on the left and N on the right. You need to switch on your controller. Move the throttle reverse switch. It is currently in the second channel of the circuit. Set it to N position. The correct design of the printed board of the loop allows for quick and easy connections.

Ensure that you charge your battery from before. Now, put your controller to one side and attach the charged battery. Press the Set button on the Electronic Speed Controller and keep it pushed down. You may use tools like a screwdriver to achieve this. Switch on the power system of your car.


4.Electronic Speed Controller Light Sequence


Here is a gateway step where you need to check the connection. The checkbox is the sequence of lights. The wire connection is proper, and the ESC set up is functional. You will see a light sequence as Red, Green, and Orange on the PCB of the device. Although orange and red are somewhat similar, you can make out the difference.
When you get the Orange light, release the Set button. You will now get a fire in the Orange is a sequence, then green, followed by Orange again. The use of the appropriate Printed Circuit Board makes the connection precise. It improves the efficiency of your device.


computer processor

(Alt – computer processor )


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5.Changing to Brushed Mode


Press the Set button for once. You will see a green light flashing on the Electronic Speed Controller. You can switch to Brushed Mode now. PCB makes the mode of changing very easy. In the brushed style, the voltage supply varies. The amount is on for some time and then toss. To increase the engine speed, the ESC reduces the time during which the voltage is off. It increases the time of voltage supply.


6. Save the Setup


While saving the ESC set up, you need to be cautious. If the installation of the ESC is correct, your car may start moving. So, ensure that the wheels of your vehicle are off the ground. After taking the necessary safety precautions, press the Set button once again. And you have now saved your setup. Now switch off the power supply to your car. Check the next steps for a high point setup process.


7.Points to remember for a high end set up Process


The controller should remain turned on. Disconnect the wires of the motor. Press the Set button of the Electronic Speed Controller and hold it down. For this step, you can use a screwdriver or such other tools. Switch on the power supply of the car. You will get a sequence of red, then green, and finally, orange lights. They will flash on your printed circuit board of the ESC.

You have to release the Set button when the red-light flashes. You will find a green light flashing, sometimes several times, and then it will go off. The design of the POCB is fundamental to ensure the accuracy and ease of the connections. Press the Set button once again. Set the throttle to the neutral position.


8. Throttle Stick


You will see a red light flashing on your Electronic Speed Controller is PCB. Push your throttle stick forward to the greatest extent. Keep it in that position, then press the Set button once. After this, release the throttle stick and allow it to revert to its place. If you have done this, a double flashing red light will appear to state the next step. Pull the throttle to its most magnificent reverse position and hold it there until you press the set button once. Now you can release the throttle stick.


Using a control stick(Alt – Using a control stick )


9. Lights and Beeps to Ensure Proper Connection


If your connection has been proper, you will get the light sequences as mentioned above. The PCB circuit design goes a long way in ensuring ease and accuracy. After adjusting the position of the throttle by moving it in both directions, the LED will turn off. It indicates that the setup process is complete. Turn off the power supply to your vehicle. Reattach the wires to the motor to establish a connection again. Switch on the power. After a few seconds, you will hear a beeping sound twice. A beep indicates that the electronic speed controller is initializing.


10.Electronic Speed Controller Final Check


After hearing the beep, carry out some final testing steps. It will ensure the correct installation of the Electronic Speed Controller. Test your throttle by pushing it forward. Then pull it back and apply the brakes to ensure that they are functional. Release the throttle stick. Pull it back again for reversing the motor and testing whether it works. Sometimes, it may take more than one attempt to initialize the reverse. The test and the setup of the ESC are now complete.




It is quite easy to set up the TAMIYA Electronic Speed Controller if you follow the guidelines. Take the precautions. Remove the sticker, ensure the wiring and connection is correct. You need to check whether you get the correct sequence of light on your ESC device's PCB. The exact course shows your wire connection is perfect and set up is appropriate. You will also check the throttle position. Push it forward, in the reverse direction, and apply brakes. It is easy to install TAMIYA ESC. The circuitry is simple.

The Printed Circuit Board design is an essential factor here. The final design enables a secure connection and setup. The PCB design of OurPCB is useful and accurate. We ensure proper installation. Do not worry, and we follow the guidelines. Switch on the power, and the car is all set for the road.

You should always rely on a branded company for the PCB. It eases the connections. The installation becomes comfortable with the right PCB design. Contact us at OurPCB to help you with your PCB design needs. You will get customized wires made according to project requirements. With a state-of-the-art lab, we deliver nothing but the best.



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