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Hx711 Datasheet: Its Pinout Configuration and More

HX711 is an Analog to digital converter chip with an included preamplifier for weighing scales. The hx711 datasheet is essential in the weighing scale because it uses voltage outputs to convert them to standard digital values. Consequently, the digital values can then be read by a microcontroller. This article discusses the hx711 datasheet chip, its pinout configuration, and how to use it.  

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hx711 Pinout Configuration.

Schematic diagram of the Hx711 pinout

(Schematic diagram of the Hx711 pinout)

  The hx711 is a 16 pin device. The table below shows the description of every pin.
An ADC with more than ten  pins

(An ADC with more than ten  pins.)


What is Hx711?

The hx711 amplifier design is for industrial control applications and measuring scales. Hx711 is a 24-bit ADC converter. The hx711 build design amplifies the cell signal and then reports it to another microcontroller. Also, the regulator works by directly interfacing with bridge sensors. The specific intention for this A/D converter is for load cells. Importantly, with the hx711 regulator, the device has an on-chip clock oscillator, a regulated power supply, and various external components. Therefore, all these are necessary for a fast response time, high integration, and good anti-electromagnetic interference performance.  
An ADC chip

(An ADC chip)


HX711 Features and Specifications

  • First, this 24-bit analog-to-digital converter chip has two selectable differential input channels, a serial interface, and simple digital control.
  • Second, the device has an on-chip power regulator and an ADC analog supply specifically for load cells.
  • Third, this high voltage converter has a simultaneous 50Hz and 60Hz frequency supply rejection.
  • Also, the hx711 chip has an on-chip oscillator that requires no external equipment but requires an optional external crystal.
  • The device has an on-chip active low programmable amplifier with an optional gain of either 32,64 or 128.
  • Furthermore, the ADC - hx711 has a current consumption. Therefore, the device will work with <1.5mA under normal operation mode and <1uA when the power is down.
  • Lastly, the hx711chip has an operating supply voltage range of between 2.6v to 5.5v. Also, its operating temperature range is between -40⁰C to +85⁰C.
An ADC on a white background

(An ADC on a white background.)


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HX711 PCB Schematic Diagram

hx711 PCB schematic diagram

 (hx711 PCB schematic diagram)


Where to use Hx711?

Importantly, to find the correct measure of weight using a load cell, you require a regulated power source. Additionally, you'll need a noise-reduced output amplifier and an ADC converter. These features independently require three individual circuits. Therefore, the cost of funding this project becomes high and too complex if you use three separate courses. Hence, the hx711 chip combines all three features in one, thus reducing its complexity.  
a micro lowpass chip

(a micro lowpass chip)


How to use Hx711?

To achieve a desirable connection, you require more components to perform various functions. First off, the weight sensor removes power from the hx711. Then, the same load cell emits an analog voltage signal by the output. Importantly note, the signal emission depends on the applied weight on the surface. This input signal then travels to the Programmable Gain Amplifier via the input multiplexer. The PGA works by amplifying the signal then giving out output on the digital interface. The digital interface changes the analog signal to a digital value and then produces serial data at the output. Next, the serial data from the digital interface goes straight to the microcontroller. Finally, the controller directly links the sensed weight by the load cell. Numerous libraries will make communication easier. This type of communication might prove difficult for beginners. Therefore, if you're a beginner, ensure to use the libraries.  

(an IC chip)



  • First, you can use the hx711 chip in weighing scales.
  • Second, an automatic door requires the use of an hx711 chip.
  • Third, use these ADC converters in industrial process control.
  • Lastly, hx711 is necessary for smart elevators.
a weighing scale

(a weighing scale.)



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