.PCB File – What You Need To Know About


As the world advances in technology, conventional sketching of traces and traditional etching methods become obsolete. Computer has taken place in almost in every field of technology. But the art of making electronics boards which would take a quite less space and holds a large number of electronic components is made possible with the help of computer technology.There are plenty of software available in the market that would do a job of designing a circuit board. Some of them are Altium, Express PCB, P CAD and PADS. They all come in evaluation version as well as full paid professional version. They save the file as .pcb file.

.PCB File


The .pcb file contains necessary information of layers and other stuff related to printed circuit board.


The .pcb file contains information on every layer and routing on that layer. And it also contains information related to the top and bottom silk screens as well as via and hole sizes.


For a complete electronic product design, a proper planning and designing is required. The digital software on computer gives the flexibility to simulate the designed circuit. And omit the errors before it gets fabricate. But a deep understanding of circuit and a powerful software to make it simulation gives an error free design.


After finalization of design, appropriate selection of making components. The footprints of these components is available in the software and also it becomes part of .pcb file when making final print. And finishing the wiring connection and optimal routing in the software based on the footprint of placed components on different layers as well as surface of the board.


Then the appropriate power points and signal traces plan is generated and digital software on computer gives output of designed printed circuit board. This deigned circuit board is in the form of Gerber file or .pcb file.


.PCB File


And the file is then printed using a different techniques and place components  to the surface. The placed components are passing from additional testing of quality assurance to meet the required standard of product.

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