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CR1632: All You Need to Know About the Coin Cell Battery

The CR1632 battery is a shiny button-like battery cell that almost everyone has come across. These batteries offer a wide range of power supplies to small electronics such as toys, car keys, or minor medical devices.  For electronics enthusiasts, you might have one time, out of curiosity, tried to open it or try to understand its working mechanism.

This article offers you a complete insight into the CR1632 and similar batteries that could replace the CR1632.


cr1632 Specifications 


The following are some of the unique features of the cr1632 battery type.

  • Non- rechargeable lithium coin battery
  • Low self-discharge rate with a 10-year shelf life
  • Total weight of 1.8 grams
  • Has a nominal voltage of 3V
  • It bears a Battery capacity of 130mAH
  • Peak drain current of 6.8 mA
  • The continuous drain current of 0.19mA
  • Wide range of temperatures of between -30C to 60C
  • High weight-to-power ratio
  • Has no mercury added


CR1632 Equivalent


Some suitable replacements that you could use in place of the cr1632 battery are ECR1632 and DL1632.


CR1632 Terminal Description


Pin Number Pin name Description
1 Positive The upper side is where you find branding and markings with a  +.
2 Negative The lower plain side with no markings at all.


How to Calculate Run Time of CR1632


The general lifespan of the cr1632 or any other battery depends on numerous factors around its use. For instance, the operating temperature, load dynamics, or self-discharge current are factors that come into play with a battery's lifespan. But let’s take, for instance, a battery operating at room temperature, then we expose it to an average load of 15k ohms. The capacity of the battery will be 130mAh. Then, if we draw the 130mA, the battery will only last 1 hour. Also, for the same battery capacity of 130mAh, if we draw 65mA, the battery pack will last 2 hours, and consequently, if we draw 10mA, the battery will last 13 hours.

But this is not usually the case. These batteries are always designed for small appliances that are not constantly draining the battery voltage. So, for instance, most electronic toys use the power of at least 0.19mA, meaning that the battery’s lifespan would be (130/0.19) 684 hours of continuous use.

So, basically, to estimate the lifetime of a battery, you will divide the battery capacity against the load. With that, you will evaluate the shelf life, considering other factors are constant or regular. 


Car keys are examples of devices that use CR1632

( Car keys are examples of devices that use CR1632)


Internal Resistance Characteristics


Another essential aspect to consider is the internal resistance that a battery offers. By this, we mean the resistance a battery puts in place to drain power when in use. Unfortunately, all batteries have an internal resistance, and though, for new batteries, the internal resistance is generally low. Also, depending on the external environmental factors around the battery, it tends to create more internal resistance with time and use.

The lower the internal resistance, the more power you will drain from the battery, while the higher the resistance, the higher the internal resistance, the less current you will drain from the storm.


Car keys are examples of devices that use CR1632

(A series of coin cell batteries)




The cr1632 has a handful of achievable purposes where the conventional battery doesn’t. It is used to power up the following gadgets;

  • Electronic toys
  • Heart rate monitors
  • Portable electronics
  • Digital watches
  • Car keys

CR1632 Package


As stated before, the CR1632 comes as a shiny button or coin battery, and it has a top positive side that bears all the markings with a (+) sign on top. The lower side, which is generally unmarked, is the opposing side. The CR1632 battery should look like the image below.


an image of up close Cell battery

(an image of up close Cell battery)


Frequently Asked Questions of CR1632


Is 1632 the same as CR2032?


When it comes to electric power supplies, they are the same, though they are not interchangeable due to different physical aspects like diameter, size, and weight.


What battery is equivalent to CR1632?


The following batteries are equivalent to the CR1632 battery model; LITH34, KL1632, ECR1632, L1632, DL1632, BR1632, BR1612-1W, and DL1612B.


Can you use CR2016 instead of CC1632?


The design of the CR1632 and the CR2016 is quite different. The CR2016 is slightly wider in comparison to the CR1632, and hence the socket won’t be a fit.


Is the DL1632 same as CR1632?


Yes, they are the same. The only difference is that the DL1632 is manufactured by an independent manufacturer and has a different item model number, all under the CR1632 type of battery.


Is CR1632 the same as 1616?


Even though the outward appearance might be the same, there is a varied difference in cell size in terms of the thickness of the two batteries. This difference means that they are not compatible even though they seem similar. 




Lastly, the CR1632 is one of the common types of batteries you would quickly come across. Their broad scope of gadgets and electronic devices that are compatible ensures that they are among the standard battery cells you have likely come across.

So, if you might need help sourcing or manufacturing the CR1632, feel free to contact us with your desired product description, and we will be glad to ease the burden for you.