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  • “Grab this exclusive chance to enhance your projects with high-quality PCB assemblies at an unbeatable price of just $99 for quantities ranging from 1 to 20 units. We pride ourselves on transparent pricing, ensuring no hidden costs surprise you down the line.”   —-John Wang (OurPCB CEO)
  • Please note, that this offer is applicable for PCB assemblies with no BGA and includes up to 40 different types of components. Additional charges apply for Stencil and Jig.
  • Ready to take your project to the next level with our expert service? Fill in your project details below or contact our sales team at [email protected] for a personalized quote.
Special PCB Assembly Offer

Why OurPCB ?

We turn PCB concepts into reality. 40+layers: metal, rigid flex, HDI.

Reduce Re-Spins

Fabricating PCBs. Procuring parts. Assembling your boards.

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