LED PCB: All You Need to Know

Printed circuit boards, primarily known as PCBs, are dominantly present in our technological society. You will undoubtedly find a printed circuit board in cars, computers, industrial machines, and many other electronic products. However, manufacturers tailor numerous printed circuit boards to suit their various purposes. This article looks at one such printed circuit board called LED […]

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Bit Bot

Bit Bot: A Feature-Rich, (Almost) Ready-Assembled Robot

Coding can be strenuous and uninteresting, especially for newbies. But what if there was a way to make it more fascinating and easier to learn? With Bit Bot, this is a reality. The little robot provides an engaging way for the young and old to engage with the hardware using block-based and text-based languages for […]

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a photo showing a PCB with electronic components

What is a Printed Circuit: Detailed Guide to PCBs, Types, and More!

The PCB industry first developed in the 20th century and is constantly evolving. PCBs hugely contribute to the growth of the electronics industry. For example, it led to the emergence and development of smaller electrical components with very high performance, like resistors. We will discuss the printed circuit board, its uses, and the step-by-step process […]

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