An indoor light fixture

Lumen vs. Kelvin: Light Quantity and Quality Measurement Units

When buying lighting fixtures for your home, workspace, or project, consider more than just the aesthetics. There are two key factors to check when selecting bulbs (especially LEDs). These have to do with lumens vs. Kelvin. We have looked at these two light quantity and quality measurement units in detail below, plus how they stack […]

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Diffuse LED Strip

Diffuse LED Strip: Warmer, Softened LED Lighting

LED light strips are typical decorative/lighting fixtures in many homes because they are bright, durable, and consume little power. However, the brightness from these light fixtures can harm the eyes and not spread out evenly. But you can diffuse LED strip to distribute the light and correct these problems. There are several ways to diffuse […]

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An LED strip light

WS2801: A 3-Channel Constant Current LED Driver

RGB LEDs have numerous applications, ranging from decorative lighting (home decoration) to stage lighting, message boards, and TV backlights. Instead of building an LED system from scratch, you can use a pre-built LED system to make your work easier. One such system is the WS2801 addressable LED strip light. If you need such lighting for […]

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