Flexible Printed circuit

Flexible Circuits-9 Common Mistakes you Need to Consider When Designing

The flexible circuit is printed circuits providing electronic interconnection. Usually made of an insulating polymer film upon which the circuit patterns are etched on or affixed, these circuits need extra attention to detail in the design and manufacturing process. While there are many ways to achieve a good circuit design, overlooking some basic stuff that can […]

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Among PCB maker, high-quality PCB boards

10 Ways to Make a Prototype for Your Exact Needs – PCB Maker Tells You

Engineers have learned to incorporate PCB prototyping into various design processes to evaluate their PCB-based products’ functionalities. The system of prototyping is beneficial where failure after final production creates expensive rework and redesign. PCB new inventions are essential intellectual property rights, and we need to consider many things in the entire industrial design process. We […]

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Control Impendence is a right way of avoiding SI issues

10 Ways to Avoid Signal Integrity problems by Impedance Control

Unlike a few decades back, today is electronic gadgets continue to shrink in space. Most of them are now smaller and faster. Addressing Signal Integrity (SI) in today is small-factor circuits pose a significant challenge to designers. Discontinuities, such as impedance mismatches and sharp bends, among others, affect the signal integrity of digital devices. With […]

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