PCB board in drone speed controller

7 Tips for Electronic Speed Control of Drones You Need to Know

Drones come with the advantage and ability to be remotely operated, meaning that they fly in hard-to-reach areas in person. That’s not all. The applications across the commercial field are numerous. Drones won’t fly without an electronic speed controller. An automatic speed controller is an electronic circuit controlling and regulating the speed of a drones’ […]

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PCB board in the motor controller

6 Things You Need to Know About Motor Controllers Theory and Applications

Are you aware that motor controllers are part and parcel of our daily lives? But how, you may ask. Looking around, you’ll notice that we use printers, electric cars, airplanes, fuel pumps, motorbikes, and other propulsion systems almost daily. All these depend on motor controllers in one way or the other. In making a motor […]

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The microcontroller comes with a small pile of LED lights and resistors

10 Advantages of Bluetooth LED Controller For Lights

Bluetooth is an affordable and hassle-free way to connect devices. LED controllers are now using Bluetooth to sync and manage LED lights in your home or car. The PCB design of smart controllers provides a range of advantages. They are far better than WiFi or RF controllers. You can have a simple way of creating […]

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