Motor controller PCB model diagram

8 Things You Need to Know about How Motor Controller Work

A motor controller is a bridge between the microcontroller in your robot, motors, and batteries. It is a crucial part of the mechanics because a single motor controller has the power to provide around 0.1 Amps of current. If you compare this to DC or servo motors, they need much higher current to work. Selecting […]

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It depicts a digital thermometer gun

7 Steps to Help You Learn How to design a Digital Thermometer PCB

Digital thermometer, unlike the standard thermostats, is immune to damages at very high temperatures. In industries, designers mostly use thermocouples for gauging high temperatures. This article will help you know what to do once you have circuit schematics of the PCB design of the Digital Thermometer. It is up to you what components do you […]

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GNSS and LoRa, Advanced exemplary PCB

10 Awesome Things to Know About GNSS Sports Tracking with LoRa

Sports tracking is an emerging field. We have seen the use of GPS to track positions of athletes over a large area. A similar concept is evolving with the global navigation satellite system (GNSS). These are satellites that orbit the earth and send signals to ground. The signals facilitate various types of navigations and are ideal for […]

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