Countersink VS Counterbore

Countersink VS Counterbore – How To Effectively Fix the PCB

When working with an HDI board or even a conventional PCB (Printed Circuit Board), they are holes that need to be screwed shut. These holes include an open pit, a countersunk hole, a blind hole, and a counterbore hole. Often, we tend to confuse a countersink for a counterbore and vice versa. It is why […]

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FPGA Vs Microcontroller

FPGA Vs Microcontroller-Which Is Better For Your Needs

Do you like to create your interactive and embedded systems? FPGA and microcontrollers are two of the most popular items of electrical engineers or hobbyists use. Both can be programmed to perform certain functions. The possibilities are endless if you know the basics, and it’s what we will take a look at below. However, before […]

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PCB Trace

PCB Trace-The Importance of PCB Traces In the PCBs

When it comes to printed circuit boards, trace refers to the network of wiring, copper, insulation, and even fuses that make up a printed circuit board. In nearly all cases, if there is something faulty with almost any given electronic device, the chances are excellent that there are inconsistencies involving the PCB trace. Do you […]

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