audio amplifier

Audio Amplifier- A Brief Outlook to Its Many Types

With the touch of modernization, technology is evolving at a much faster pace, where many new inventions are crawling to the surface. Each device or technique you encounter sets you in awe of surprise and amusement. Today, machines have taken up the world and are assisting the masses in their everyday chores. When learning about […]

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PCB File – What You Need To Know About

Abstract As the world advances in technology, conventional sketching of traces and traditional etching methods become obsolete. The computer has taken place in almost every field of technology. But the art of making electronics boards, which would take relatively less space and holds a large number of electronic components, is made possible with computer technology. […]

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PCB Trace Resistance-What Is It and How To Use

阿Every material in the universe has resistance alongside with other parasitic properties. PCB trace resistance is one of the essential factors that must be calculated and analyzed during the design stage. Although copper is the most used material in the printed circuit boards, it comes with different compositions and properties. The PCB trace resistance may […]

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