Data Bus Guide – What You Need To Know | OurPCB

Has it ever crossed your mind to investigate what is going on in your computer? How various components of your computer, e.g., the Memory, Central Processing Unit, Hard Disk, e.t.c. Communicate with each other to do different kinds of the task? What is happening inside your USB cord (Universal Serial Bus) when connected to a computer […]

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pcb color Soldermask

PCB Color – How To Select The Color You Need | OurPCB

In the past years, green is considered the standard PCB color. With the advent of technology and more innovation, the different PCB colors are also available now. A printed circuit board, commonly known as PCB, is the base of every patched circuit. The crucial significant concept of electronics which forms the core is the PCB […]

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What Are the Circuit Boards Made Of

PCB boards are all around us in every gadget we use. Be it the smartphone or a simple calculator, their function depends on the performance of PCBs. Do you know what the PCB circuit boards made of are? PCB vs. PCBA-What is the differences? Have you ever opened up your iPhone to see what’s inside? […]

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