Automated manufacturing welding

SMT Assembly for PCB – 9 Things You Should Know

SMT assembly or Surface Mount Technology is a crucial part of PCB manufacturing. SMT brings speed and reduces the labor needed for technologies like through-hole mounting. The risks of defects rise as the SMT parts are tiny. The engineers also have less area to work due to the high-density nature of PCBs. As a result, quality can […]

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The welding robot solders the circuit board in a light blue scene with lighting effects

How To Complete Your SMT PCB Assembly, These 9 Detailed Instructions

When it comes to electronic components’ manufacture, especially printed circuit boards, you may hear of SMT or Surface Mount Technology PCB assembly. But what does SMT PCB assembly mean? SMT PCB assembly is a method whereby a printed circuit board’s components get placed or mounted directly onto the surface of a printed circuit board. When […]

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