Remote Kill Switch

Remote Kill Switch: A Wireless Battery Power Kill Switch

The ability to cut off the power supply remotely is handy in several applications, especially in anti-theft car systems. It can also be ideal for car hire or fleet management, where you can turn off vehicles if they go beyond a preset range. So if you have a project requiring a remote kill switch, here’s […]

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A motherboard showing electronic components mounted on PCB slots

PCB Slot: All the Details You Need for Your PCB Design

The PCB slot is a small but important detail of a PCB board. In the same way, a huge amount of detail goes into PCB designs for the appropriate PCB slot or cutouts. Many factors determine the function of these slots and cutouts. So as a PCB manufacturer or enthusiast, you learn all about PCB […]

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What are the Best Cities to be a Circuit Board Designer?

The employment marketplace defines a printed circuit board (PCB) designer as an individual who “uses computer software programs to design the layout for … printed circuit boards, collaborates with engineers to create 3D models of circuit boards, develops PCB design guidelines, and drafts plans for manufacturers.”  Without PCB designers, you wouldn’t be able to […]

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