Short Circuit Board

Short Circuit Board: PCB Damage Caused by Current Diversion/Low Resistance

Even though designers and engineers have perfected the PCB design and fabrication processes, some faults may occur. One of these faults is shorting, which can cause expensive damage if it burns a big chunk of the board. Therefore, testing new circuit boards is vital before they go into service. Also, you should check those already […]

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A printed circuit board with multiple components

10-layer PCB Fabrication: How to Get the Best Printed Circuit Boards

Every printed circuit board has a specific function for different applications and electronic devices. Most of these electronic applications require high thermal expansion properties. One PCB that offers lesser signal loss and higher frequency distribution is the 10-layer PCB fabrication. A 10-layer Pcb fabrication is done such that when all PCB layers are combined, the […]

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PCB Recycling

PCB Recycling: A Comprehensive Guide

Printed circuit boards are all over. Think of the electronic products that you have come across. They all have a printed circuit board as the fundamental piece in their makeup. Unfortunately, a relatively high number of electronic scraps also imply that many PCBs go to waste. Still, the waste circuit boards can help assemble electrical […]

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