Hydrogen Sensor

Hydrogen Sensor: A Safety Hydrogen Detection Instrument

Hydrogen sensor is a vital industrial gas that might also play a significant role as a clean, carbon-free fuel. However, hydrogen has one problem. It is highly flammable. And since the gas is odorless, tasteless, and colorless, you can only rely on detectors to check the presence of hydrogen. Hydrogen sensors are the primary components […]

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Remote Kill Switch

Remote Kill Switch: A Wireless Battery Power Kill Switch

The ability to cut off the power supply remotely is handy in several applications, especially in anti-theft car systems. It can also be ideal for car hire or fleet management, where you can turn off vehicles if they go beyond a preset range. So if you have a project requiring a remote kill switch, here’s […]

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A printed circuit board with multiple components

10-layer PCB Fabrication: How to Get the Best Printed Circuit Boards

Every printed circuit board has a specific function for different applications and electronic devices. Most of these electronic applications require high thermal expansion properties. One PCB that offers lesser signal loss and higher frequency distribution is the 10-layer PCB fabrication. A 10-layer Pcb fabrication is done such that when all PCB layers are combined, the […]

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