96 Board-HiKey

HiKey 960: Understanding This Development Board

You might want to consider the Huawei Hikey 960 if you want a mobile platform with up-to-date capabilities. First, it is more powerful than other alternatives, making it one of the best development software for prototyping smartphones. In addition to advanced hardware, the Huawei development board presents more connectivity options. Furthermore, it features a high […]

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Atmega2560- A User Manual

If you are an assembly programming expert or enthusiast, you have probably worked with the Arduino Mega development board. It features an automatic voltage control (AVR) microcontroller that will be the focus of our discussion. Check out this comprehensive guide on ATmega2560 and how to program it using Arduino Uno.   What is Atmega2560?   […]

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Arduino Data Types

Arduino Data Types: A Comprehensive Guide

Arduino data types play a critical role in programming an Arduino. Without Arduino data types, you can’t know the number of memory bites allocated to a variable and the kind of data stored in the variable. In addition, since the Arduino computer accepts data in whatever manner you feed it, you need to understand data […]

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