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7 Key Features of Best Guitar Cable Affecting Performance

With custom cable manufacturing, you come to enjoy better management and efficiency of the projects and appliances. The best guitar cable needs custom wiring harnesses for better control of the wires on the stage.

If a music company wants to use different guitars at different stage points, how will they connect the guitars to the amp? Well, in that case, they need custom guitar cable with variable lengths. With years of experience in the custom cable manufacturing industry, CLOOM Tech has mastered the art of custom cable assemblies.

From the use of customized wiring harnesses to the best guitar cable; there are some factors involved that can affect performance, you need to focus on while choosing cables for your project.


Custom Guitar CableAlt: Custom Guitar Cable


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1.Length of Guitar Cable can Affect the Sound Quality


The length of the guitar cable affects the quality of the sound in significant ways. It does not mean that you need to choose small cables only for the guitars. When you need to avoid the wire extensions in the guitar cables, the best way is to prefer the custom guitar cables assemblies. You don’t need to compromise on the quality with extra useless length with exact measurements of the required cord.

• The longer guitar cable will cause more audio noise. The length of the cable is proportional to the noise in the audio

• The longer cables can cause more loss of frequency that can affect the sound quality

The standard guitar cables perform best under the length of 20,' and if you need extended lengths, you need to go for custom guitar cables. Standard cables will start producing noise, so with the best quality wires by CLOOM Tech; you will get uncompromised quality.


Custom Cable from CLOOM TechAlt: Custom Cable from CLOOM Tech


2.Conductor Material in Guitar Cables is an Important Factor for Quality Sound


The material of the conductors matters a lot when it comes to the performance of the guitars. When the length of guitar cables increases, the guitar cables start losing the performance. Once it comes to custom guitar cables, you need to choose the conductors' best quality materials. At CLOOM Tech, we never compromise on the performance of the guitar cables. If you have custom requirements for the guitar cable conductors' material, CLOOM Tech has the best quality cable assemblies.


Two Cable JacksTwo Cable Jacks


3.Design of the Conductors for Guitar Cables Matters a lot


Different guitar manufacturing brands have different guitar design protocols. With different ports, you have to go for custom guitar cables. No matter what are your designs requirements, we can always meet your project specifications and design requirements. From the custom length of the guitar cables to the conductor cable's custom design, CLOOM Tech offers unlimited opportunities for your business. The use of custom cable assemblies is not limited to the music industry only. From music instruments manufacturers to the big music brands, we have significant names in our client list.


Custom Design CablesAlt: Custom Design Cables


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4.Quality of the Connectors can Have a Significant Effect on the Quality


From shielding wires to using the material in the connector, everything matters in the guitars' performance. Either you want a nickel connector or gold connectors for guitar cables; CLOOM Tech is always there to meet your custom requirements.


Guitar Amplifier with Cable Audio JackGuitar Amplifier with Cable Audio Jack


The use of gold in the guitar can increase the guitar cables' lifetime as the gold can protect the connector against corrosion. In terms of quality and the performance, use of gold in the connectors has no benefit over nickel connectors.


5.Poor Shielding of the Wires Can Have an Impact on the Guitar Performance


The microphone cables are different from guitar cables. The overall interface of both wires look the same, but the internal working methods are different. The guitar cables are more vulnerable to external interferences. The electromagnetic waves on the stage can affect the quality and performance of the guitars. The extra layer of the shielding in the guitar cables can ensure the highest standards of the performance. Once you know how you will plan the arrangement of the instruments, we can add extra layers of the shields in the custom guitar cables.

Instead of going for expensive guitar cables, you can consider custom cables with extra layers of shielding. The additional layers can prevent the guitar cables against any electromagnetic interference, so you get seamless quality and performance with the best guitar cables.


Custom Guitar Wiring HarnessAlt: Custom Guitar Wiring Harness


6.Electronic Shielding of Cable Provides Uninterrupted Performance


Have you ever noticed the annoying sound on the stage while you move guitar cables? This annoying sound from cheap cables can affect the performance on the stage. The copper shielding produced this sound in the guitars due to poor shielding. With the custom guitar cables, you don't need to worry about the movement of the wires. With custom specifications, you will get cords that meet your project requirements. Even if you move the guitar cables during the stage's performance, you won't have to worry about any extra sounds with high-quality custom guitar cables.


Guitar Audio JackGuitar Audio Jack


7.Insulation Material for Cables Must be of High Quality


CLOOM Tech offers the value-adding customized cable assembly manufacturing services. The insulation by CLOOM Tech protects the hardware of the best guitar cables and increases the performance. Without proper insulation, you will face several interferences and noisy sounds in the guitar.

The use of high-quality insulation in the custom guitar cables offers better performance to enhance the instruments' effectiveness.

• Better insulation offers improved performance of the guitar cables

•  It reduces the external disturbances and the noises


Guitar and Wire Cable JackGuitar and Wire Cable Jack




When your company needs something out of the box, custom guitar cables are the best products to ensure the instruments' best performance. CLOOM Tech is offering high-quality custom guitar cables assemblies and wiring harnesses in China. We offer custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses for ultimate performance for international music companies and music brands.



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