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LED Drivers: Top Six Brands That Manufacture LED Drivers

Nowadays, many people are aware of the energy-saving benefits that light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and printed circuit boards offer. LEDs sales are high due to an increase in demand and the introduction of more energy regulations. One of the critical parts of these new generation light sources that ensure their efficiency and durability is the LED Drivers. The driver converts high voltage to low voltage as well as alternating current to direct current.

More importantly, the LED Driver helps to protect the LEDs from fluctuating current and voltage. Note that an abrupt change in voltage can damage the light source. Thanks to advancements in technology, there are thousands of companies that manufacture quality PCB and LED drivers. However, you need to select the best to get value for money.

LED Drivers

Philips Xitanium LED Driver

Philips is the leading manufacturer of residential and commercial lighting products. One of the aspects that give this company an upper hand is using new technology to produce innovative LED lights led drivers, bulbs, and many other products. The company started in 1891, operates in 70 countries, and employs more than 32,000 people.

Osram LED Driver

Osram Led Driver Osram Licht AG manufactures Osram LED drivers for companies and individual clients. The company started in 1919 in Germany to produce electrical products. Over time, it changed its production line to focus solely on designing and manufacturing modern LED products that match user's needs and expectations.

Lutron LED Driver

Lutron is a progressive tech company that aims to meet the lighting needs of modern users. Joe Spira established the company in the 1950s. LED Driver is one of the products that the company manufactures. It also designs and manufactures timers and automated whole building shading systems.

Lutron LED Driver

Texas Instruments LED Driver

Texas Instruments is an American-based company based in Dallas, Texas. It specializes in manufacturing innovative lighting products such as LED drivers that are efficient, durable, and affordable. This brand's primary goal is to make new generation lighting products in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. The core values of the company are innovating, inclusive, trustworthy, competitive, and results-oriented.

Inventronics LED Driver

Inventronics is a renowned company that manufactures custom LED drivers for use in residential and commercial premises. Established in 2017, the company enjoys a huge clientele base in China and abroad.

The massive success it has achieved so far is clear proof that the products it offers are highly reliable, durable, and in line with international performance and safety standards. The driver's unique design and engineering make them more robust than other brands in the market.

Inventronics LED Driver

PWM LED Driver

PWM is an electronic company that has been in existence for more than 40 years now. The LED drivers that it manufactures for price displays are high quality and competitively priced. It combines both digit and communication technology to develop products that resonate with its diverse needs. Extensive testing ensures the drivers meet local and international quality standards before shipping.


These are the top six brands that you can count on to provide the best-LED drivers at an affordable rate. Like any other electronic product, it is imperative to consider factors such as the power requirement, safety, dimming, efficiency, and power factor. For example, the power factor will help you know the LED Driver's efficiency.

The most efficient LED drivers have a power factor close to 1, but the conventional standard is 0.9 or more). More importantly, make sure that you purchase the drivers from an accredited supplier to avoid buying counterfeit.