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MCP6004 Datasheet: How this High Gain Op-Amp works

About the MCP6004 datasheet, Nearly every modern technology relies on amplification.

The operational amplifiers, for example, are essential in audio designs and other general-purpose applications.

But certain Op-Amps provide more functionality than others.

An example, in this case, is the MCP6004 quad Op-Amp.

There are several reasons the MCP6004 general-purpose Op-Amp is popular.

Its technical specifications offer a significant bandwidth gain, an extended temperature range, a vast capacitive load, etc.

Read on to find out more about this operational amplifier.


What is MCP6004?


The MCP6004 is one of the general-purpose Quad Op-Amps that belong to the MCP600X family from Microchip Technology Inc.

These quad Op-Amp 14-Pin package ICs are famous for high bandwidth gain and low power production.

Therefore, the MCP6004 is a known gain bandwidth product (GBWP) because it yields 1MHz.

A circuit diagram showing a non-inverting Op-Amp operation

(A circuit diagram showing a non-inverting Op-Amp operation).


Pin Configuration


Pin Number Name of pin Pin Description
1,7, 8, and 14 Vout pins A, B, C, and D. They represent the four Op-amps output pins.
2,6,9, and 13 VIN- pins A, B, C, and D These are the four op-amps inverting input pins.
3,5,10, and 12 VIN+ pins A, B, C, and D On the other hand, these are the four op-amps non-inverting input pins.
4 VD It serves as the positive terminal or supply rail.
11 Vss Meanwhile, this is the negative rail or ground terminal.





  • The MCP6004 Op-Amp has a 1.8MHz bandwidth and is a low-power op-amp.
  • It has a supply and operating voltage range between 1.8V and 6V.
  • Quiescent current is rated at 10uA.
  • In terms of output pin current, it uses 30mA.
  • Similarly, it uses a rail-to-rail output and input.
  • The standard mode input voltage range starts at 300 mV.
  • Meanwhile, its standard mode rejection ratio is approx. 76dB.
  • It has a 112dB open loop gain.
  • MCP6004 is available in the following packages: 14-Pin PDIP, 24-Pin GDIP, and 36-Pin PDSO.


MCP6004 Equivalents 



Other Quad Op-Amps 


TL084, LM324.  

The LM324 Quad Op-Amp

(The LM324 Quad Op-Amp).


MCP6004 Application Circuits


  1. Instrumentation Amplifier using Unity-Gain Buffer Input.
  1. Peak Detector circuits using CMOS Analog Switches.
A Peak Detector tuner with Analog Switches

(A Peak Detector tuner with Analog Switches).


  1. Active Second-Order Low-Pass Filters.



7. Applications

  • It is an automotive general-purpose amplifier.
  • Similarly, it is helpful in general-purpose equipment like portable audio players.
  • It is an essential part of Photodiode Amplifiers.
  • Also, it is a crucial component of Analog tuners and Analog filters.
  • It is essential in electronics like Notebooks and PDAs.
  • It is in most battery-powered Systems.
A speaker showing amplified sound waves

(A speaker showing amplified sound waves)



The MCP6004 is a quad Op-Amp 14-Pin package.

It is most notable for its high slew rate, bandwidth gain, and low supply voltage.

So do you need assistance with your high-gain amplifier designs?

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