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LED Lights Shelf: A Comprehensive Guide

LEDs seemingly make everything better. Because of their size, you can practically add a bit of electroluminescence to any piece of furniture in your household. A great example of this is an LED light shelf.

Just adding LED lights to a shelf can transform it from something drab to something marvelous. We previously discussed, you can create your own LED light tubes. This time, we decided to show you how to create your own LED lights shelves…


How to create your own LED Lights Shelf


LED Lights Shelf


  1. What is an LED Lights Shelf


LED lights shelves are LED-lit display shelves. This means you can take any set of shelves and use LED lighting to transform them into LED light shelves. You can achieve this in several ways. However, what purpose do LED light shelves serve?

They may serve an aesthetic purpose or a practical one. They are great for futuristic neon and cyberpunk deco. A well-placed set of LED light shelves can set you apart from the crowd. They are particularly suitable for mood lighting.

However, they can also help you save electricity. LED shelves with adequate lighting can help you navigate a room without having to switch on the main lights.


  1. How to use LED Lights for Shelf Lighting


LED Lights


As we have previously stated, there are many ways you can use LEDs to change normal shelves into LED light shelves. The easiest way is to use an LED light strip and stick it on the shelf's edges.

Depending on the shelf's thickness and location, you can opt to embed miniature LED downlights into the shelves. Alternatively, you can do it the hard way and connect a series of LED chips.

Nevertheless, since using LED light strips is the easiest way, we decided to give you a short guide in the next section.


How to Build a Floating Shelf with LED Lights


Floating Shelf with LED Lights




  • Floating Shelf with brackets
  • 20 gauge 2Pin extension wire
  • 16.4-ft flexible LED light strip
  • 12-Volt DC LED Power Supply driver transformer
  • Hot Glue gun




  • Mount the floating shelf. Depending on where you purchased it, it should come with a set of instructions.
  • Measure the shelf and cut the LED strip accordingly.
  • Use a hot glue gun to embed the LED strip into a discreet channel under the floating shelf.
  • Solder the extension wires to the end of the LED strips and connect them to the power supply end.
  • Connect the power supply to an outlet.


Alternatively, you can add a dimmer to the project or RGB lights with an IR remote. If you want to make the project even easier, you can purchase an LED shelf kit from your nearest LED light specialty shop.




In this guide, we explored LED light shelves. We discussed what they are and how they may benefit you. Furthermore, we listed a set of instructions on transforming your floating shelf into a LED shelf. We hope that you have found this short guide to be helpful. As always, thank you for reading.