Technical Support

What we can do for you

PCB Layout Design Service

For those customers having little knowledge and experience in electronic product design, we offer custom design services based on your required functionalities, application, total cost and further available information. Our delivery includes PCB prototype and design files.


Free Support

  1. Guide for Components Selection: Assistance for type number and specification selection of the main components based on customers’ requests.
  2. Discussion for Schema Design: Discuss how to make the design based on the components selected. Conquer the difficulties and issues and deal with the questions during the design process together….


Sulution Provide

  1. Real Time Control Product Based on open or close loop, including motor status monitor and control, High-Accuracy Movement Position, Remote wire/wireless transmit and control.
  2. Intelligent Controller based on automatically control, including distributed analog value sampling, Solar and wind power generation, Charging and inverting products.
  3. Rapid Prototyping Device, including 3D printing device control system, Super-power laser control system.