It is always a wish for hardware designers that their circuit works well on the PCB as it does when simulated in design software. But the reality is, there are bound to be some issues in PCB printing, even when advanced machines are being used. It can be frustrating for designers when their flawless design is compromised by flaws in the printed PCB.


PCB printing

Therefore, it’s important for you to choose a reliable PCB printing supplier and not based on cost alone. This is particularly true when your PCB involves fine pitches components or multilayer design. A PCB supplier that does not have strict quality procedure will naturally produce defective PCBs.


Here are what you must consider when choosing the best PCB printing supplier.



One of the best indications of the quality of a PCB printing supplier is the words from their customer. Check out on both their websites, social media and other forums for clients who have experienced their service.


Reject Rates

There is no PCB manufacturer that can manage a 100% reject rate, even with all the latest tools that they are using. A transparent supplier will be able to furnish you with a figure that reflects the quality control of their manufacturing process.



PCB printing


If you have tracks smaller than 6 mils in your design, ensure that the PCB supplier that you’re engaging have the capability to produce that. The same goes to the limit of layers a PCB supplier can handle.


Lead Time

When you’re operating on a tight schedule, a single day of late delivery can mess out your entire production schedule. Test out a new PCB supplier on a smaller scale to check out their punctuality before ordering in mass volume.


Although the price is not the sole factor in selecting a PCB printing supplier, it is still a decisive one when the competitions are close. Ensure that the PCB cost is reasonable and still within your budget


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