PCB Mount Switch-What You Should Know


Printed circuit board holds all the active components bond together to make up the complete device in which placing the necessary mechanical switches and knobs is a huge challenge during the design process. PCB mount switch solves the issues by directly sitting on the board with much smaller form factor.

pcb mount switch


1.PCB mount switch

Panel mount switches offer more reliability and convenience and freedom to mount on custom spot but also takes up more room on the device.

2.PCB mount push button switch

PCB mount push button switches are the widely utilized switch type as it comes in almost every shape and size.it reliable and takes up the same space a regular SMD part. Most of the devices ignore other complex switches and implement push button to save space and design hassle since it is easy to program incase o a digital control circuitry. Although PCB mount push button switches come in various footprints and operating types the most common types are the rubber membrane and metal film switch due to their low cost and reliability. PCB mount push button switches has to place in a well-supported and physically strong spot to avoid the possible dame to the board from the impact of pushing.


3.Toggle switch PCB mount

Toggle switches exist since the invention of electricity due to their simple construction and reliable switch capability. Unlike momentary switches like push buttons toggle switches are used to physically hold the switch position until external forced change. They  mainly use them in power switching and input handling. High current toggle switch PCB mount usually comes in through hole package to support the force laid on and to pass high currents.


4.PCB mount toggle switch

PCB mount toggle switches are available in various formfactors and current rating. Unlike main power toggle switch signal switches are usually SMD. This reduces size and make the board design sleek. PCB mount toggle switches are commonly used for shutdown and fail-safe triggers as it is reliable enough to overcome the complete system collage.And it’s safe enough to prevent the system form irreversible damages. Some of the mains PCB mount toggle switches comes with its own complementary protection and filtering circuits to avoid signal interreference and suppress switch sparks and noise.


5.PCB mount rotary switch

pcb mount switch

PCB mount rotary switches are most space saves as their panel mount counterparts require mounting components.It takes up more space in the process. By placing the rotary switch on the PCB signal routing is also done easily. Modern electronics has completely ignore the analog potentiometer.Switched to rotary encoders since they are digitally controlled and easy to implement. And it also avoids the possibility of multiple rotary switches on a single board. Most modern electronics has only a single PCB mount rotary encoder switch. In which it can programme to control various aspects of the device.

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