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PCB Meaning –What is a PCB or Printed Circuit Board?

About PCB Meaning,A PCB is a common name for a bare board for mounting electronic components. These electronic components use conductive routes or signal traces imprinted from copper materials. Moreover, you can mount these copper materials onto a non-conductive substrate. Therefore, another name for a printed circuit board is a printed wiring board (PWB). Also, printed wiring boards do not have circuit components such as resistors or capacitors. 

Nevertheless, printed wiring boards (PWBs) allow complete automated assembly processes. These processes could not be practical during the tag-type circuit assembly process in the earlier era. Besides, a PCB full of electronic components has other names such as printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) or printed circuit assembly (PCA).


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A PCB is a bare board that connects electronic components using conductive pads and other conductive routes. Nevertheless, PCBA refers to the same printed circuit board after soldering all the components and ready to perform its electronic purpose.


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PCB Meaning--Uses of PCB board


Below are some of the common application areas of the PCB board.

  • Communications: devices such as tablets, smartphones, radios, and smartwatches use PCBs as a base for the device.
  •  Computers: laptops, desktop PCs, workstations, and satellite navigation contain PCBs at their center. 
  • Entertainment Systems: televisions, DVD players, games consoles, and stereo sets have PCBs at their core.
  • Home Appliances: Nearly all modern home appliances such as coffee makers, microwave, refrigerator, and alarm clock use electronic components on a PCB. 


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PCB Meaning---Other application areas include:


  • Industrial equipment
  • Power equipment
  • Measuring equipment
  • Scanning equipment
  • Media devices
  • Navigation systems
  • Control systems