PCB Etching Kit

After the basics stage in learning PCB design beginners usually find it hard to select the appropriate Etching tools to start fabricating his/her PCB. There are tons of tools available in the market for etching the PCB but selecting the Wright tools makes a huge difference. PCB etching kit consists of materials and tools required to start fabrication the PCB from scratch to finishing it. The main advantage in using the PCB etching kit is that is combines matching materials and chemical with some kits even mixed to optimum ratio to make the process more efficient users friendly. One can still assemble all the required tools and chemical to start etching but it is not always guarantied with perfect results. Either the chemicals might be in inappropriate ratio or the materials may not fit together properly.

This where the PCB etching kit comes in hands with all the necessary components for the etching process including cleaning the surface, transferring the design preferably through photo resist method, develop the film, etching the traces and the advanced kits also includes the solder mask and component assembling tools. Small drill bits for making the PCB holes are hard to come by so the PCB etching kit includes the necessary drill bits. Some beginner’s kit even has a small DC driller motor which can be used to make the holes.

Apart from Copper clad board, photo resists film, positive developer solution, etching solution (usually powdered Ferrous III chloride), drill kit some of the PCB etching kit includes a quality users’ manual to explain the fabrication steps and specifications of the provided materials. The quantity ratio of the materials in the kit must be chosen appropriately to avoid unnecessary components. PCB fabrication usually takes few tries to make it perfect so it is wise to be preparing

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