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Electrical Engineering-Top 50 Resources for Electrical Engineers

Finding many programs and resources to help you deal with your learning areas is often difficult. To simplify your research paper and save time, we at OurPCB try to find resources that allow you to access multiple services from a specific resource. To obtain a reliable source of information, we must present articles and videos […]
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Table of Contents

Finding many programs and resources to help you deal with your learning areas is often difficult. To simplify your research paper and save time, we at OurPCB try to find resources that allow you to access multiple services from a specific resource.

To obtain a reliable source of information, we must present articles and videos created by experts with many years of experience who have graduated or taught at top electrical engineering universities.

Also, sufficient resources will be provided for students who are just starting to learn and students interested in electrical engineering. Let us introduce you to the 50 best resources to update your electrical engineering experience.



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1、Education, Academics, and E-Learning Sites


electrical engineeringImage 1: electrical engineering


1. MIT OpenCourseWare


It provides you with free engineering handouts, assignments, and videos, as well as exams at top universities. More than enough videos can help you learn about particular sections, such as Circuits and Electronics.

In the videos, you may find the Basic Circuit Analysis Method, Digital Circuit Speed, Inside the Digital Gate, and, last but not least, the Small-Signal Model.


2. electrical engineering--Darryl Morrel


Darryl Morrel provides a very informative range of videos about electrical engineering topics you can find on YouTube for free.

The difference between this channel and other channels is that it is exciting. So far, Darryl Morrel's videos have more than 3 million viewers, which counts.

The areas of interest of these videos are mostly focused on DC Circuit Analysis, AC Circuit Analysis, Signals, and systems.


3. NPTEL E-Learning Courses


The abbreviation stands for the National Program of Technology Enhanced Learning, one of the most efficient online teaching portals.

Here you can easily find more than 70 electrical engineering courses to give you a hand in your engineering studies.

In addition to the videos, the webpage is pretty useful as well, where it is convenient to search for the course titles and choose the one you need the most.


4. electrical engineering--edX Online Circuits and Electronics


Edx Online is probably familiar to most of you, which allows you to find a course about Circuits and Electronics.

This course covers essential materials and the professor's straightforward and exciting approach.

Everybody can access this course online for free, which will help starters in the electrical engineering field.


5. Watt Circuit Blog


Watt Circuit Blog is a unique online platform where two close electrical engineer friends, David and Sajjad, share their knowledge with you.

They mainly focus on LED lighting, RC& Autonomous vehicle control, which are presented to you in videos.


6. Electrical Engineering 141 – Lecture 1 at UC Berkeley


Youtube videos provided by the University of California Berkeley focus on introducing Digital Integrated Circuits by the expert Jan Rabaey.

As mentioned before, they are fascinating lectures that last an hour and a half long, focusing on microprocessors and digital circuits.

You will enjoy hearing all the needed information and gaining knowledge from an award winner J.Rabaey.


electrical engineeringImage 2: electrical engineering


7. Coursera


This online portal offers you one of the unique courses in electrical engineering for free.

Critical focus areas are constructing and measuring electrical circuits via lab instruments, elementary signal theory, and analysis of time and frequency domain signals.


8. MOOC List


There are 41 online course providers on this webpage, where you can search for a wide range of categories and related topics.

Get the knowledge and skills about computational thinking and datasets to solve real-world data problems.


9. electrical engineering--Shtetl-Optimized


Another alternative to the previous sources is Shtetl-Optimized. This blog belongs to Scott Aaronson, who is particularly interested in the abilities and limitations of quantum computers alongside the complexity theory.

The blog's design is more about articles related directly to engineering by adding up some of his knowledge and presenting it to you.


electrical engineeringImage 3: electrical engineering


10. electrical engineering--CourseTalk


This online website has information about various fields, including electrical engineering.

There are over 5000 courses you can check out and watch videos once you create your account. This platform is highly recommended for you.


11. International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems


This magazine is related to improvements in electrical power theories and energy systems. It is a very reliable source that provides you with the generation and network planning for electrical engineers.


12. Collin Cunningham's MAKE Series


It is a YouTube channel that is perfectly suitable for those who want to focus on their learnings online; it gives you general knowledge about electrical engineering that could be the perfect starting platform to develop your mind.

The information, along with the explanations of the given information from experts such as Collins himself, is a great source to focus on. The key areas that you can find in this series are Binary and Hex, Capacitors, Circuit Skills, and Circuit Board Etching.


electrical engineeringImage 4: electrical engineering


13. Electropages


It is a unique online platform that provides you with the latest news about any new product in the electronics industry.

It always keeps you updated about the story on electrical components, buyers and sellers, and designers to give the right information whenever you need to.


14. electrical engineering--Electromechanical Library


It is an online library created by the Fox Valley Technical College and Wisconsin Technical College System initiators.

This platform is not only for learners and students but also teachers can benefit from this platform.

Those interested in electrical engineering can find very technical collection applications and systems.


15. IEEE Spectrum


This platform mostly covers news and world-leading electrical engineering, which should be valuable for electrical engineers.

The page covers the news from Silicon Valley to the solar wind, which is also frequently updated.

It is an excellent blog that can provide you with up-to-date information about the world of electrical engineers.


16. Analog Integrated Circuit Design


It is an introductory course for microelectronic designers, and the Master of Electrical Engineering organizes it. The time is approximately 100 hours, with lots of information, lectures, and exams on analog design basics and translinear circuits.


17. electacourse


This web page covers more than 10,000 practice questions and arranges exams for users to check their knowledge. It is an additional alternative for electrical engineers to learn new information about your field. It prepares you to be ready for your future tests and exams.


18. ALISON Electrical Engineering Courses


Alison is a fantastic resource for people who want to be educated about electrical engineering.

On this portal, you can find nearly 600 courses for beginners discussing topics in electrics, electrical technology, and electrical update.


19. Electrical-knowhow.


It is one of the most informative and, at the same time, very detailed electrical engineering platforms that you can find anything you wish to search for.

It has the List of courses and the steps one by one explaining all the studies focusing on various topics.


Image 5: electrical engineering


20. electrical engineering--Khan Academy


It has the sum of math and science information that can guide you through all the electrical engineering topics you are studying at the school or university but require extra help. There are topics such as engineering numbers, voltage, and so on.




A newly formed community of professional engineers initiated a new series about programming called "Path to Programmable." This series will help you better understand development tools, technology, and design. It is a combination of training and theories.


22. electrical engineering--Machine Design


As the names state, this web portal is going to be helpful for you to get the skills in the highly specialized field of machine design.

This webpage provides you with datasheets and specific industry events and seminars schedule.

They try to keep you updated with the news in the machine design industry by collaborating with professional engineers and managers.


2、electrical engineering--Research

23. holt science


Holoscience is a fun platform for people interested in discovering the world and having answers about life and the universe. Suppose you are curious about the universe's formation and already have the necessary knowledge. In that case, you can easily visit this website and understand that you have not been able to find it anywhere else.


24. Microsoft Academic Search


It is a famous free online search portal for engineering publications and all the other fields since 2010 that stores new data structures and has over 170 million academic papers; you can also find blogs and podcasts about the topics you are looking for.


25. practical physics


If you are an electrical engineering teacher, this web page will give you a hand in gathering your students' needed and essential information. You can find the wrap-up of the experiments that present a wide range of practices and theories.


Image 6: electrical engineering


26. bright hub engineering


Bright hub engineering portal offers electrical, mechanical, civil, and marine engineering information.

You can also find the best colleges that offer you the best degrees in whatever engineering sector you wish to study.


27. electrical engineering--CRESCENT ELECTRIC


It is a platform where electrical engineers can find whatever electrical hardware supplies they need. The only matter is visiting the webpage, seeing the products, and ordering the products.

In addition to the stores, you can also find this company's blog that covers technical knowledge through value-added services.


28. Journal of Fluid Mechanics


It is a scientific journal in mechanics focusing on theory, experiments, and computations in the mechanics of fluids.


electrical engineeringImage 7: electrical engineering


29. National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE)


NSPE has been around for a long time, assuring itself to be reliable for you out there. It provides you with the latest engineering news and developments.

If you are an expert, you can get the membership directly and join the crew on the web page.


Image 8: electrical engineering


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3、Magazines, Blogs, and News

30. electrical engineering--Electrical News


Electrical News is a portal that has been around for more than 30 years. This web page covers the news about electrical engineering, but it stands out so much because it brings out information from every corner of the world. You can find the printed newspaper edition as well.


31. Journal of Applied Mechanical Engineering


It is a free-access journal with reliable information on current developments, specifically in mechanical and related electrical engineering.


4、Engineering Tools


electrical engineeringImage 9: electrical engineering


32. Arduino


Arduino is a company, but at the same time, it is presented to you in a blog describing the project of the community.

It has a city of manufacturers that design kits for digital devices that can control the objects in both the digital and physical worlds.

Moreover, it's one of the most famous student projects in the world for DIY projects, with a handy website providing you with a wide of educational resources with one click.


33. electrical engineering--circuit


The circuit is convenient for students and hobbyists to learn how to handle real digital circuits. It is a real-time practice because it gives you a feeling that you are playing with a course that has been on.

It is an app that will provide elements to build circuits. We recommend you give it a look.


34.AllPinouts – Connectors, Cables, and Adapters Pinouts is another alternative that can help you find the cables, adapters, and how those cables are wired and their functions; in general, it is a useful source that could be helpful for electrical engineers.


35. electrical engineering--clipart is a free internet portal for engineers, and this website has a database of 30 million electronic components every month. This webpage is helpful in areas such as design, sourcing, and manufacturing.


36. electrical engineering--circuit lab


This webpage is about circuit simulation and schematics. The webpage is designed to give you circuit simulations in seconds and professional articles and diagrams on your browser.


37. engineers garage.


This information center started its operation in 2010 to provide you with technical articles, resources, and other information for Engineering students and professionals worldwide.

It encourages creativity and tips to overcome all the technical issues, so if you want to develop further and discover your imagination, go ahead and check this portal out.


electrical engineeringImage 10: electrical engineering




This source is about the mathematical computing software to support the data analysis and also the simulation ( MATLAB & Simulink)


39. electrical engineering--upverter


Upverter is another website for designing, sharing, and reviewing printed circuit boards; it has useful tools to help you edit programs.


40. Engineering Toolbox


The focus of this web portal is on



-Technical Applications



41.AutoCAD 360


It is a Real-time collaboration in editing, sharing, and drawing online through AutoCAD 360.


42. Engineering Unit Converter


On this specific resource, you will search for the different unit measurements in many regions and countries.

This source provides the global standard unit measurement that will not confuse you about converting the units in use.


43. electrical engineering--MATLAB


MATLAB is an environment for numerical calculation and statistical analysis written in C, including the homonymous programming language created by MathWorks!


electrical engineeringImage 11: electrical engineering


44. electrical engineering--hackadayry diverse


DIY project Hacking and a vibrant blog with last tech news


45. Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog


Blogs are convenient to use and an exciting engine for learning the desired information. This blog mostly discusses innovation, technology, education, and research.


Image 12: electrical engineering


5、Networking, Internships, And Jobs Sites


46. Engineering Exchange


This resource is one of the most moving platforms out of all. It is global and connects worldwide engineers.

It is an engaging educational networking community for engineers who can write blogs about specific topics and share their knowledge on a bigger scale.




It is a very famous online platform that is useful for everyone worldwide. This source is a combination of reliable news and information and creates a network in your field.


electrical engineeringImage 13: electrical engineering


48. electrical engineering--Glassdoor


This news portal can keep you updated about electrical engineering news daily, where you can also search for suitable jobs for your position.


49. Engineering


The worlds most searched and visited engineering job search engine ever, mainly in the US and Canada. The convenience comes with the webpage's structure in the simplest and fastest way.


50. electrical engineering--Indeed


It is one of the best search engines to find work, launched in November 2004, and all you need is to create your profile and apply for jobs or even internships directly on the site.


Image 14: electrical engineering


6、electrical engineering--Conclusion


We have tried to take you through the best 50 electrical engineering portals and give you internal information about them separately. I hope we can provide you with the best resources about electrical engineering and develop solutions to your everyday problems as much as possible. Will continue to dedicate this kind of article to pursue your sustainable development and knowledge.

Have mentioned the resources online that are related to online learning via videos, articles, and assignments, as well as presenting you the blogs of the experts who might be very helpful for you to understand and dig into the topics more precisely and see the points of view of each one of them.

We would also mention our availability to help with any information and orders about PCB circuits we offer here for professionals, beginners, students, and hobbies, with various complete options (PCB, PCB-assembly, Flexpcb).

In conclusion, we believe that this article will allow you to save time and be effective at the same time in any state of electrical engineering career you are in right now.



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