It’s hard to ignore the low cost of manufacturing PCB in China when you’re in the electronics industry. Regardless of how great your design is, the cost is a decisive factor when it comes to staying competitive or generating more profit. The fact that international electronics brand turned to making PCB in China hints that you should follow their path too.


China PCBs

With possibly thousands of PCB manufacturers in China, it’s hard to get the right supplier. It’s easy to be attracted by the low pricing, but ordering China PCBs from the wrong supplier can result in getting low-quality PCB. This will end up in higher cost of manufacturing as you have high reject rates.


You have to do your due diligence when ordering China PCBs. Here are some helpful tips.


  1. Track Records Matter

The cheapest PCB manufacturer may not be best. Instead of basing your decision on price alone, seek for a manufacturer that has a proven track record. This usually comes in a form of verifiable information on their website. Look at their range of customers and what they say about the service.


  1. Seek More Info On Forums

You can also seek help from fellow designers in forums before placing your order for China PCBs. Your peers are not incentivized and will give you a neutral opinion on manufacturers that they have tried. Their opinions will help in filtering out certain manufacturers.


  1. Order In Bulk.

 China PCBs

It goes without saying that the true value of manufacturing your PCB in China is when you order in high quantity. If you are seeking alternative suppliers for your existing product, it helps to plan your production based on your projected sales rate to get the most savings.


  1. Send Accurate Information

When China is half the planet away from you, it helps when you double check your manufacturing files before placing your order. Else you’ll risk getting a large quantity of PCBs delivered that is not what you expected.


If you’ve done your homework, ordering China PCBs will increase the profitability of your business.



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