PCB Via Size-Complete Information It’s Here

PCB is a multi-floor construction with various passages and links between two or more adjacent floors. As complex as it sounds, designing and implementing a multilayer PCB is a very complicated process. PCB via or vertical interconnection access connects two points that are located on different layers of the PCB. Vias pass current on various […]

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PCB Board House

After completing the design stage of the PCB, comes the next big task of choosing the right Production house to make it functional.  For beginners and hobbyists, there is quite a large volume of PCB board houses around the market. To choose the right board house, one must look into several parameters determining the final […]

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Power PCB Design

Power PCB Design(2021)

Printed circuit boards are customized for a variety of different applications. Each application requires various particular design parameters and specific features. A good example is an aluminum-backed PCB, widely used in LED applications to serve as a conductor and heat distributor.   Power PCB     Unlike a general-purpose PCB, which is widely used for […]

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