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PCB Basics

Modern electrical circuitries are incomplete without the use of Printed Circuit Boards, which are commonly abbreviated as PCBs. PCB serves as master mind behind operation of any device making its features function and useable for the intended purpose. Small circuits for everyday use devices can easily fabricated on basic PCBs. In its simplest form, a basic [...]

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Common electric board design errors and measures to preveny them

Electric board design is a complicated process which requires trivial detailing. Although there is a consistent procedure for PCB designing which hardware designers follow, still some problems are commonly encountered. Followings are some of those common concerns in PCB designing along with the measures to avoid the potential for designing errors prior to finalizing the design [...]

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OURPCB product update

OURPCB product update OurPCB has already finished the R&D of 1-4 layers flex and rigid-flex board and passed the test. Product display:

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Designing a printed circuit board involves a lot of computer and man power to insure an effective design outcome. IDE or integrated design environment is the software suits that’s runs on the computer to design the PCB, but it takes lot processing power to route the traces and analyze the design rules. System based software [...]

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How To Choose The Best PCB Layout Design Online Tool

In recent years, PCB design is no longer confined to professional PC based PCB design software. Often monopolized by a few major vendors, PCB design solutions has seen growing offerings in various PCB layout design online tools. While these may seem convenient, especially for hobbyist and small businesses, there are certain points worth considering before starting [...]

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How To Get The Best source Of PCB Suppliers For Your Company

How To Get The Best source Of PCB Suppliers For Your Company   With the abundance of PCB suppliers in the market, it can be a tough hurdle to acquire good source of PCB from reliable suppliers. This is especially true when orders are placed through websites without any visual inspections of the production facilities itself.   [...]

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Custom PCB Design Services

Internet has numerous benefits such as instant communication, knowledge sharing, instant trading, business opportunities and entertainment. With the all these benefits, the internet has made possibility to interconnect design and manufacturing facilities and industries together to get the production tasks completed in an efficient and cost effective manner. In an electronics manufacturing and production cycle, [...]

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Plain PCB board

As the modern-day electronics are tremendously improving and optimizing the technology integration of each and every system in a close proximity is rapidly becoming mandatory to experience the benefits of current technology. With integration there is a huge demand for PCB to implement these technologies. Plain PCB board is the base of the printed circuit board [...]

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Excellent Soldering of Components in PCB Build

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are essential part of electronic circuit designing in prototyping as well as creating a finished electronic product. Components are attached to the PCB and circuit between electronic component and PCB are completed with the help of soldering. A neat and fine soldering ensures safe and proper connection and placement of components [...]

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Uninterrupted power supply is utilized in many crucial electronic systems and homes to ensure the continuous power source despite the status of the utility power source. As a combination of digital control systems and high-power electronics UPS makes up a complex circuit board. Designing the PCB for such system is as complex as it gets. [...]

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