Altium Tutorial-How To Create A Concept Design


Altium have developed a popular printed circuit board and it is known as Altium Designer. It is widely used for designing various kinds of printed circuit boards. In Altium tutorial, a number of aspects of this product are covered. Some of these products are schematic capture to design a circuit, circuit simulation to create a circuit simulation on computer before getting its hardware, auto-routing option that covers the optimum routing path for your designed circuit and trace length calculator which helps a lot in saving material.



1.Altium tutorial starts with creating a new project

2.Altium tutorial Step


1.Altium tutorial starts with creating a new project

Altium tutorial starts with creating a new project as shown in figure given below. Once you have selected a new project, the next step in Altium tutorial is to add a schematic file or to create a schematic file. There are number of parts lumped as libraries and components from various vendors are available in database of Altium. Since they can help in designing based on the components available in the market.


Once you finished a designing of circuit, then necessary step in learning Altium tutorial is to make a printed circuit board out of designed circuit. Because this step will create or update a printed circuit board from designed schematic as shown in figure below.

altium tutorial


2.Altium tutorials Step

A number of option will present in the engineering catalog to choose the component from the right manufacturer. As PCB layout in the above mentioned step of Altium tutorials will gives a graphical view. But we can change it to a footprint view by going to properties of the project . And selecting footprints for your created model.

altium tutorial

Another step in Altium tutorials is to define the board shape, layer settings and dielectric settings. While board shape defines the boundary around the printed circuit board you designed and layer along with dielectric setting gives option to choose the layer thickness and material for PCB. And there are other plenty of options available too to define other things such as route rules, number of layers, plane for component placement etc.While advanced Altium tutorials can cover these in.

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