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  • OURPCB Tech was founded in 2005.Our factory is a highly professional and experienced manufacturer of PCB and PCBA in China.
  • OURPCB has emerged as a leading provider of time- critical,high performance PCB and PCBA solutions over the last 10 years with over 5,000 Square meters work space.We currently have over 2,500 customers world wide.
  • Our capabilities include military standard assembly and UL processing.For assembly we incorporate three high speed Siemens SMT lines,ensuring a highly reliable PCB assembly outcome.Surface mount,through hole,BGA,QFP,QFN component loading all meet programming,AOL Inspection and Function Test.

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1903, 2018

Why You Must Calculate PCB Trace Current Accurately In Your Design

One of the greatest mistake committed by new hardware designers is forgetting to calculate or even consider PCB trace current in their design. When this happens on hardware designs that contain high current tracks, the [...]

1603, 2018

PCB Current Calculator

PCB Current Calculator With the advancement of technology, size of electronics boards becomes miniature. This reduction in size arises the problem of heating and failure of printed circuit boards. Thus, optimal trace width while designing [...]

1503, 2018

Designing Multilayer Pcb Pool With Eagle

A multilayer PCB is the perfect solution for prototyping a high density and complex circuitry. And for a satisfied and error-free designing of a multilayer PCB, it is best to take advantage of the multilayer pool and [...]

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Regarding how to choose a suitable SUPPLIER for your process, you don’t have to be a pcb and assembly expert; our professional and pertinent suggestions will help you get the whole picture of the total solution.

Customer Review

I recommends OURPCB after a PCBA run,with reasonable service and shipping. Thanks to OURPCB for a very quick 48Hr turn round on my LED driver board.
Steve Conway
Their prices are really good, and that’s why we have stuck with them over time. The quality of the boards and assembly has always been good.